The Book of Grudges: May Each Be Struck in Time

This is me attempting to gather the things players have a problem with - what a soulless corporate exec might refer to as ‘pain points’. Small things that are lost in the overall shuffle of angry player shouting that results from Fatshark’s actions. Long-standing bugs, broken promises, failures of the company, et cetera. These are things that could be fixed, but have not been - after all, a Grudge must have a means of addressing it.

This is not for Crafting, for the Memorial there stands unbroken.

This is not for the Mourningstar, for there there is still joy and fresh ideas.

This is for the Grudges, so that they may be recorded.

Submit your own, with thread documentation, so I may add them to the Book.

Anything that’s a ‘single’ problem - a specific long-running bug, an exact promise that failed to be upheld, or a singular insult.


Things that currently frustrate the players and could be improved for a smoother experience, but for some reason haven’t.

RNG mission selection… was mostly addressed by the addition of the Auric mission board as the bulk of complaints were about not being able to consistently get the hardest missions, but some complaints still linger.

In-game ladders remain unintuitive and janky to use.


What it sounds like. Unfixed, persistent bugs. Some of which may just be ‘undocumented features’.

~~'Close range’ setting is still broken.
UPDATE: As of 7-3-24, with Hotfix 42, this has been fixed. This is the first of the accumulated Grudges to be struck.

Psyker Staff blessings are often nonfunctional, or don’t work properly.
Trauma Sttaff

‘Overpressure’ Blessing on flamer doesn’t work properly.
Reddit - Dive into anything
Flamer's "Overpressure" blessing is bugged to not apply to burn damage - #3

The ‘Path of Redemption’ update added performance problems that, despite claims to have fixed it in Hotfix #38, are still not resolved.
KNOWN ISSUE: Performance Issues After Path of Redemption Update - #47 by Eluandil

The ‘Point Blank’ blessing on revolvers is broken and only procs on killing with weapon bash. UPDATE: Fixed as of Hotfix 41.

Reddit - Dive into anything

The ‘Quick Work’ penance has been buggy for a period of at least two months.

Quick Work penance not working
Reddit - Dive into anything

The game’s crash reporter fails to close properly at random, leaving the game running on Steam unless force-stopped with Task Manager.
STILL bugged - Crash Reporter prevents closing of game

Bolter jank is a day-one bug that is either not properly documented as a feature (see: Close Range) or unfixed.
Reddit - Dive into anything

Despite a patch claiming they buffed chain weapons across the board, the Eviscerator’s Bloodletter blessing has been reduced in how many bleed stacks it delivers, and has gone unchanged despite multiple bug reports. This may, like Close Range, be an intended change, but was not communicated properly.
Eviscerator Bloodletter Blessing Stacks Reduced
Eviscerator Bloodletter bleed stacks
Bloodletter Blessing still bugged on Eviscerator

Ogryn’s XXXXL Chem-Safe Rebreather is still janky and doesn’t align properly with several Ogryn faces.
XXXXL Chem-Safe Rebreather clipping through face/out of position
PC Steam - Ogryn - XXXXL Chem-Safe Rebreather - The XXXXL Chem-Safe Rebreather goggles are not properly aligned with the eyes on various Ogryn faces
PC Steam - Ogryn - XXXXL Chem-Safe Rebreather - The XXXXL Chem-Safe Rebreather goggles are still not properly aligned with the eyes on various Ogryn faces


Unfortunately for Hedgey boy, no, it’s still a lie. That’s what this section is for.

We were promised ‘retroactive penance completion’ for the penances added by the Path of Redemption update. This has not materialized. In fact, some new penances are for things the game already tracked, but they never got completed properly.

Retroactive Penance Completion not working

This turned out to be a genuine error in communication on Strawhat’s part.

Solo mode is missing. It was last stated to be ‘almost done’ shortly after launch.

After that, we received little to no official communication. It eventually was revealed by @FatsharkCatfish that Solo Mode was ‘no longer a priority’, but this did not penetrate due to being a random forum comment and not an actual announcement.

Solo Mode scratched?
Day one of asking for an offline solo mode
Day two of asking for a solo offline mode, also, a small thank you to everybody

Aquilas, used to purchase cosmetics, were originally going to be available through more than direct purchasing. This did not materialize.

'We don't want to be predatory'—Darktide devs explain why they switched to an in-game currency to sell cosmetics | PC Gamer

We were also promised a 100 Aquila pack in December of 2022. This also did not materialize.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide - Community Update #5: Week 2 - Steam News

Brunt was originally slated to deliver specific weapons via a ‘contract’ system. This, again, never came to be, and was never corrected.

"You’ll still get some random gear as in Vermintide 2, but you can also buy weapons from an in-game shop or set a “contract” on a weapon you want and then earn it through a progression system.
Hands-on: Warhammer 40K: Darktide absolutely rules | PC Gamer

Crafting originally was going to involve weapon attachments: this was quietly scrapped for the current system.


Quarterly class release: While ‘technically’ fulfilled by the class overhaul - which converted things to the current talent tree system - this is apparently still an issue that others feel should’ve been addressed, probably by explicitly confirming that ‘new’ classes were folded into the talent trees. I personally think this is Fatshark’s lack of communication at fault: for further detail, see ‘Communication and Feedback’ below.
Classes in Darktide

During the leadup to the ‘Secrets of the Machine God’ update, Fatshark released a teaser that blatantly showed characters talking about radium weapons. Apparently they couldn’t get the weapons done in time, so they deployed the CMs to claim that the conversation about radioactive ‘Adeptus Mechanicus toys’ was about the already extant plasma gun. This was quickly memed.


Claiming that adding more than one page would confuse users in an attempt to excuse blatant FOMO tactics - this is still regarded as a terrible excuse, and an insult to our collective intelligence.

Guys Please Help Me I am Scared

The ‘14k Aquilas’ controversy, an old one but one still generating annoyance.
To sum up: after the Xbox release, new Gamepass and Xbox players purchasing the game would receive a massive quantity of Aquilas in a promotion. This was seen as a very bad move by the PC player base, especially because it coincided with the most expensive cosmetic set yet (the Krieg sets) rotating in. The company attempted to douse the fire by releasing the ‘Vanguard pack’ - essentially just rejiggered cosmetics in the colors of the Moebian 21st, that some feel were going to be released to players anyway and were only reframed as for PC players due to the backlash against the Xbox player base getting free cosmetics.

XBOX got 14.000 aquilas - Steam got nothing (Fatshark responded 23/01/2024)


In all honesty this comment was one I hesitated on including, due to the fact that 1) Hedge no longer works at Fatshark, and 2) apparently in context it was responding to a troll who was trying to bait out this specific response. Ordinarily I’d file it under ‘Fatshark needs to fix its comms practices’ and leave it at that. But it’s been pointed out that this is essentially the only official communication about weapon attachments (something that was promised, as you can see in the Broken Promises section). Thus, it ends up here, and it will remain until we find out more about attachments.

Referring to players as Rejects in all official communication: This is still something complained about by at least a couple users. I would not call it a major pain point, but this book collects fairly indiscriminately. People feel insulted being called Rejects or even ‘Devoted Rejects’, and it’s a needless thorn in the side of PR.

Essentially anything that is a long-running, multifaceted problem. These issues are interconnected, and big enough to earn their own subfolders.


This has plagued the game from day one. Thankfully, I don’t need to source everything. Literally every single complaint about crafting and rng has been memorialized by @brosgw.

The Crafting Memorial; lest we forget


Every two weeks, like clockwork, a hotfix comes out. The hotfix will typically contain little to no actual fixes to the game beyond clear game-breaking bugs (usually introduced by a previous hotfix), and almost entirely focus on fixing stuff in the cosmetics store. It blatantly serves as a cover to add the next cosmetic rotation into the store. Fatshark produces little to nothing beyond this for months on end, with the rare ‘patches’ and actual fixes (aka, the ‘hotfix’ right after a patch usually, such as Hotfix 37) not providing enough content to justify the silence.

People have taken notice.

It’s actually quite alarming to also see how many minor, easily resolvable things and QOL features are missing. There’s an old writeup of many flaws Darktide had at launch - and a lot of these are still in the game to this day.

The lack of output is pretty comical given that they can spend a month saying they are working on a dev blog, and still not be able to give any concrete information on itemization beyond it only getting delayed until Fall (communicating this is an improvement over the usual tbh). Not being able to say what is happening with the game after that much time is not an acceptable level of output.

  • UPDATE: This is slowly improving as of late June/early July. StrawHat, the only active CM, is working to improve communication, and keep it going even during vacations, and patches have been occurring much faster. If this is maintained I will keep you all posted.
    ** FURTHER UPDATE: A PS5 port has been confirmed to be in development.

I guess we know where that dev time went.

Hotfix #39 (1.3.11) Patch Notes
Hotfix #38 (1.3.3) Patch Notes
Hotfix #36 (1.3.1) Patch Notes
Hotfix #35 (1.2.34)
Quick Update on Latest Rotation
It is almost time for the bi weekly hotfix patch
Oh good, they've provided us our bi-weekly ration of pointless, recolored slop

Reddit - Dive into anything

An Update on Itemization


Fatshark has a persistent problem with keeping old bugs from coming back and issues with keeping everyone using the same version of the game that dates back to Vermintide 2. Gunner pushback in particular for DT seems to be an ongoing problem.

Currently (7-04-24) we haven’t seen any major rollbacks, but there had been an issue with the Secrets of the Machine God update that eventually turned out to be intentional enemy buffs.

Reddit - Dive into anything
is it me or are the gunners nuts again? :: Warhammer 40,000: Darktide The Mourningstar - General Discussions
Fatshark forged a community that gave them $3 million in a month, then burned it to the ground. | by Time Warriors | Medium


Cosmetics are near-universally agreed to be overpriced, especially regiment-specific ones. This is also accompanied by complaints about ‘reskins’ and ‘palette swaps’, where all that materially changes about a given cosmetic is the color, despite being sold at full price - OR AT A HIGHER PRICE. Bundles have had all their interesting bits stripped out while being sold at the same price as other, more complete sets.

  • Free cosmetics, whether weapon skins or outfits, have a lamentable lack of variety as well. They typically go un-updated for new weapons.

  • In addition to being overpriced, cosmetics often are cheaply and shoddily made to the point of not even having different body types to accommodate the two different body types offered at character creation.

  • There also used to be weapon skin bundles for 800 Aquilas, that had skins for every single weapon. These have been replaced by individual skins for around the same price points.

  • A single mod - For the Drip - uses the exact same tools Fatshark itself uses to recolor and resell cosmetics. For free, you can unlock far more variety and superior fashion than hundreds of dollars worth of cosmetic buying.

  • The FOMO store element is, obviously, very irritating, and is still being complained about as of July 8th.

Which galaxy brain intern sets those ridiculous cosmetics prices?

Increase in Premium store prices - some spectacular greed on display. One cosmetic, that’s the same but a different colour, is 35% more expensive for no apparent reason

Please stop the FOMO

Reddit - Dive into anything

Add more weapon skins to the commissary (or elsewhere)

Any plans to expand the Commissary? - #8

Commodore's Vestures | Warhammer 40K Darktide Wiki | Fandom

For the Drip or: A lesson in Cosmetic Systems

Commissiary has cobwebs

I would like to purchase a Commodore's Vestures item that has been unavailable for over a year

This bundle cost 2400 collectively. It’s since been split off and no further bundles come with weapon skins or trinkets.



Fatshark seems to rarely take feedback or read the forums, often abandoning them for weeks or months at a time. They instead rely heavily on Discord for their ‘core community’, including playtesters. This also includes electing Discord members as moderators for the forums on a volunteer basis, as discussed in the previous section.

*UPDATE: As of early July, just as with communication, this seems to be somewhat improving. StrawHat, the only active CM, is more active on the forums, posts more information, and has repeatedly confirmed pieces of feedback being internalized from the forums. If this holds this bodes well.

Images spoiled

Context: this screenshot concerns a user who has a history of trolling, invading other threads with bad takes, and abusing the report tool. Nemy123 called him out. The unpaid Discord mod apparently thought it was a good idea to go to DMs to threaten him with a suspension.

He then walked into this thread, and when called out on biased moderation for a different incident, responded with threats of banning more people.


Weapons go unbalanced for long periods of time, with significant portions of the blessings and perks being borderline useless. The same holds true of abilities and classes.

While this list is, by definition, somewhat subjective, it shouldn’t be completely ignored.

Standouts include:

  • Thunder Hammer, unable to hit necessary breakpoints on enemies in Damnation while carrying significant drawbacks
  • Infantry lasguns, outcompeted by other options
  • Autopistol, nerfed into the ground and a generally inferior option
  • Some specific marks like the standard-issue shovel on vet, the Graia infantry autogun, etc tend to suffer compared to contemporaries.
  • Veteran in general, between smoke grenades, a hostile spawn environment, and gimmicky keystones, suffers overall, most prominently when trying to specialize in ranged combat.
  • Psyker shield - the bubble is a must-pick on higher difficulties and the walls don’t offer enough to justify it.


Audio cues, and audio in general, remain broken to varying degrees. After the Path of Redemption update, this became intertwined with performance problems.

Phantom hits and input problems also remain consistent, alongside disconnects and crashes. This seems to be a serverside problem. We also have issues with weapons ‘losing’ their attacks or attack chains.
Lag and ‘jank’ continues to be an issue, starting to be one with the increased enemy counts of Patch 13 and continuing to get worse.

video evidence


Darktide was promised an evolving story written by Dan Abnett. In the years since its launch, it has transparently not delivered on this. At launch, this was even more laughable of a claim, with an almost completely absent narrative.

The 18-page interview, printed in Edge 372 on Thursday, also reports that, unlike Fatshark’s previous Warhammer co-op titles, “Darktide’s storyline and missions will expand and develop after launch, almost as a live service”
“At release, they’ll reflect the warband’s arrival at Atoma Prime, with reconnaissance missions and dialogue that establishes the setting,” Edge explains. “But in the weeks following, the narrative will change as the warband discovers more about the Chaos threat.”
“Darktide’s missions… reflect what’s happening in the Inquisitor’s campaign when you play – gathering information, killing targets, and preventing sabotage – all alongside your personal story of raising your rank from ex-con to a valued member of the warband,” the magazine adds.

Missions get dynamically populated on the Terminal according to either predetermined narrative or emergent events that happen inside the world.
However, with the co-op nature of the game, it was essential for us to allow the possibility to play missions together, even if players are way apart in progression."


Xbox 14K Aquila debacle.

“Delayed for technical reasons”, lie number 899


Great idea - after 2000 posts and over a year it might even be noticed Blythe devs :wink:


POV: You are a Fatshark dev asking Ragnarok101 for more time to fix the game:


… Only to be ignored fully without a hint of acknowledgement.


Going in the book, though I’m filing their lies under communication in general since there’s a massive ‘fix your PR’ thread.

This, too, will go in the book! /jk


I meant this more of a roast of FS than of you btw, because I think Thorgrim is cool.

  • Audio issues with specialists is still a big thing.
  • Total neglect of a lot of weapons in the balancing game, making them almost completely redundant/useless.
  • Low quality cosmetics. Yes they’re expensive, but they’re also shite more often than not, both in design and aesthetic and in the quality of the work.
  • A total lack of variety in the free cosmetics in the commissary. It should get updates at least semi-regularly but it has gotten one since the game came out and even then it was almost exclusively retextured stuff.
  • Excessive jank on certain specialists (trappers/hounds and mutants grabbing you behind their own shoulder)

And probably loads more I can’t think of at present.


Added to the book to add upon existing grudges. If you can find specific threads to pinpoint the sources of the grudge, that would be helpful.


The lack of in game non-premium cosmetics is a major pain point for me.


That one’s going in the Book, umgi… :closed_book:


Fella, even the premium cosmetics aren’t premium.


I took it in the spirit it was intended, friend. It is also a nice enough GIF I am adding it to the main post.


My and the boys on our way to reclaim 8 peaks fix crafting.

(We are all gonna die)


The High King Ragnarok Grudgebearer arc has begun


Having a preorder bait beta, even tho the game needed a real beta with time for cleaning out performance and finishing baseline features (at least 3-6 months prior)


I use premium in the sense they require premium currency to buy.


You surely don’t mean the super awesome and more expensive Krieg and pirate/renegade Rouge Trader sets that they TOTALLY spent more time making because they love 40k so much?


remember when they said the only reason to have a fake currency was “because it makes it easier to release stuff for all currencies across the globe”

just to then have the 101 freemium exploits like not having Aquila bundles match the cosmetics

when called out ->“it was never our intention to employ standard whaling tactics, it just randomly happened, oops”


using the great name of dan abnett to create false expectations and hope for deeper story telling