Classes in Darktide

Let’s talk about Classes in Darktide.

As many of you know, we just started dropping our class spotlights, and with that came a wave of feedback, thoughts, and questions. It quickly became apparent that we must clear up some of the confusion and better answer your questions.

So, here we go. While we won’t be able to address everything (still in development and working through things), we hope this is a start.

First, Classes are a new thing in Darktide and something we are really excited about. They are perfectly suited for the 40k universe and allow us to extend the play experiences in a better way than previous games like Vermintide’s careers.

While similar, classes are not the same as careers (in Vermintide). Some of this will become clearer as you jump into our Closed beta this weekend, but most of it won’t show up until the full play experience closer to launch. More specifically, you can expect a deeper narrative experience, greater range, and more options in character customization. There’s also a more profound and wider progression in weapons.

We will start with 4 classes and 70+ weapons available at launch. We really wanted to focus on quality, depth, and differentiation first - and less on the number of classes. Each class has a distinct personality, and your choice affects what cosmetics they can attain, and how they interact with teammates on their strike team. Weapons are more robust, each with their individual stats and traits specifically designed for that weapon.

While we are not ready to announce specific dates, it is safe to say that we aim to release one new class every quarter.

We haven’t fully decided if we will charge for new and upcoming classes, but that is an option we are discussing. This isn’t our way of trying to bait and switch anyone. Fatshark has always prided itself on being very player-centric. We want to stay true to that in our monetization practices. We never intend to split our player base - you can expect in-game content, such as new areas, game modes, and missions, to remain free. We’ve learned a lot, and we think we have done a good job in Vermintide with our monetization of cosmetics and careers, and we are looking to that and other areas of feedback before we make a final decision.

We hope this clears things up a little, and look forward to your feedback!

So what changed since this post? Classes as experienced in the beta are exactly the same as professions in Verm2.


Well, I’d be happy if they were similar to careers to be honest. Now you have to level and gear up every character slot completely individually with no way of switching things around. Which only adds to the grind, honestly. I fail to see how this is in any way forward thinking, player-centric design.


This whole game developemtn simply baffles me. They copied and pasted enemy AI behaviors and specials with a slight twist but literally every other system that has proven to be working and fairly well recieved they decided to scrap and try to reinvent the wheel. it is faceplam worthy most of them time.


Did this get anywhere? I completely forgot about it, haven’t heard a single mention of (background?) choices affecting anything other than banter.


This post is a perfect example that plans never survive contact with the enemy xD

Shame we never got to see those in depth characters, more options in customisation and richer narrative experience. I hope they’ll improve the game over the next couple years to approach their original vision, because it sounds awesome.


Well, is t he Cadian Eye Color nothing to you?

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


This post was made in October and talks as if it’s completed work…

I think it’s just marketing/overselling what they had.


This time seems more story focused, that I hope when “Premium Classes” introduced could have more story to it than Vermintide’s Premium Careers.

I don’t want stuck in Atoma forever…

Perhaps, but it’s so far off the mark he might as well be talking about a different game.
Also, I’ve heard from numerous people that the more ambitious gameplay customisation features all got scrapped during development.

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Just for posterity, there are still no new classes and the existing classes are still in the Vermintide 2 career format with barely any changes.

Maybe if the class structure wasn’t almost exactly the same as Vermintide 2’s careers there wouldn’t be as much negativity over how there’s only 4 of them compared to Launch VT2’s 15.

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