Penance "Traitorous Collective" stuck

Issue Description:
The Penance “Traitorous Collective” (Kill every type of Scab enemy) is stuck on 7/9 since preorder beta on my lvl 30 Sharshooter. Since i have completed the “Renegade Master” Penance and played over 100 Missions im pretty sure it should be completed by now.

Steps to Reproduce:


Steam ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
Since preorder beta

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:


2 days later 663 more killed Scaps, still 7/9, Penance is not progressing for my account, defenetly a bug. A fix would be appreciatet.

Same for me. From preorder beta stll on 4/9. I have over 12000 scab killed, so def bug.

+1. Stuck at 5/9

Same here, 5/9 the last couple months.

Hey Fatshark,

This Penance ist still struck in my account. Since you made new penances and added new bugs with them you can add this one to the “Fix this s***” list of the developers again.

Its 4 months since i reported this and it was acknowleged. Fix the things you broke first before adding new bugs.

And it’s still relevant, please fix it.

Penance still Bugged, and my Post in Technical Support was rerouted to Bugs and once again just “acknowledged”. Fix this allready i want my weapon trinket thingy.

And here are som more Infos for you, as it seems the counter and the itmes counted are sperated from another, since the Mod “Penance Details” shows i have all things done:

And seriously, why do i need a Mod for this? This is basic Information witch is apparently accessable just not shown in your UI.