Eviscerator Bloodletter Blessing Stacks Reduced

Bloodletter blessing for the Eviscerator is still (hopefully unintentionally) nerfed down to 6 stacks on tier 4. According to patch 13 notes, bloodletter stacks should have been increased to 16 for the tier 4 blessing, not reduced down to 6.

The eviscerator got so many great buffs in patch 13, it just sucks that this fun and interesting blessing got such a huge nerf. Please fix in the next patch, Fatshark!

Steps to Reproduce:
Just read the bloodletter blessing descriptions for eviscerator.


Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)


Can confirm this, I was also surprised it was just 6 stacks, seemed weird to me since it’s the big brother to the cadia chainsword, hope this gets fixed soon.

Hoping it’s just an oversight and it gets patched next time.

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