Bloodletter Blessing not working as intended


The Bloodletter Blessing only applies 6 stacks (according to description as well as tests in psykhanium with “Debuff Indicator” mod).
According to the patch notes, the blessing should have been buffed from 14 to 16 stacks, not nerfed down to 6.


Hopefully this won’t be a difficult fix, and I hope they fix it soon.
I’ve waited so long for an eviscerator buff, only to have my favorite blessing for it accidentally nerfed to such a weak state!

I’ve also noticed that the Rampage blessing text still refers to damage, not power.

Please fix soon Fatshark! This is otherwise such an excellent patch!

anyone know if its a bug or intentional?

I’ve noticed that pretty much every single blessing that was changed in this patch, has their supposed effects changed with what the discribtion was supposed to be. Blaze away, as an example, now says that it increases power by 8% per stack. Or rampage said to have been changed to be a power and not damage blessing but it clearly still says damage.

@FatsharkJulia this bug report shouldn’t be taken as a singular instance but rather as an “check all the changed blessings” report.

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