Going out with a blast penance. HATRED

This penance for psykers. Has anyone at Fatshark even tried doing it with a random group?

Not even going to start on how its completely counter to cooperative teamplay when i have to sabotage the team by dying. The fact that the explosion cant even one shot unarmoured ragers point blank is infuriating, not to mention if they stand just one step too far away the explosion does pretty much no damage. And that range isnt far.

I HATE this penance. HATE.

It needs to be changed because its dumb.
Rant over.


Most penances got this issue. They’re incredibly unfun and borderline impossible to do without either perfect RNG, screwing your team over or running with a team of friends.

I don’t think Fatshark wants us to earn cosmetics. They want us to go to the premium cashshop instead for that.


Yea, this penance definitely sucks. I got it yesterday and I was just going from match to match for days asking people if they were OK with me trying it if an opportunity came up because I really hate penances that force you to sabotage your team.

The tier 4 ones are even harder to do. You straight up can’t do them without your team deliberately backing off to allow you an attempt.

But here is a thing: Unlocking the Tier 3 outfit did not add any color variations for that outfit to the shop for me, so, probably not even really worth doing.

Also the Tier 4 outfit has a crotch skull, and I’m not a fan of crotch skulls, so I might just skip that one.

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Yup. Been trying to get ‘Make Every Shot Count’ ever since release, but no luck. It doesn’t help that you HAVE to do it on Heresy and up. What usually happens is that I’m trying to be careful with my shots, but there inevitably comes a moment where I REALLY have to eliminate as many ranged enemies as I can as quick as I can, which will lead to missed shots. If I don’t, then the melee users will get gunned down and we lose the match.

It doesn’t help that FS is also apparently making these Penances harder. The Ogryn penance to hit 4 Ogryns in one charge got bumped up to 6. Good luck with that.