"Going out with a bang" penance is awful and should be changed

This penance for the psyker is one of the worst fatshark has thought of, it requires more RNG and begging from your teammates than actual skill and even then it promotes literal suicide for a penance that bottlenecks progression. This penance should either be reduced to a single elite or changed all together because it is nothing but horrible for the game and experience of the players.


The other penance that makes you solo a monstrosity using only brain burst while your team is forced to sit back and watch is also terrible game design.


yeah i had to get 3 of my friends to get on all at the same time and ask them to not hit a plague ogryn because i don’t want, nor do i think its reasonable to ask random people to not play while i do my stupid penance. its not good for the game nor the community. They need to overhaul the penances of the game because all the classes suffer. Not to mention that psyker feels like a shitter vet rn.

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