Penance: Going with a Bang

Hello Folks,

this Penance depresses me so hard, I almost can’t believe.

For all who don’t know what to do:
Blast yourself in three or more Elite up as a Psyker.

This is so stupid and “Anti Team” if you are going to do this with other Players that just want the Mission complete.
Even if you can go solo, just blowing up in three Ragers won’t kill them.

Why can´t we have Penances that are fun to do instead of this?

Well, this depressed me this much, I have stopped playing after failing like 50 attempts.


Yeah, currently it’s the least completed achievement.

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Play Comms Plex on Malice and go the the place where the shotgunners spawn during the interrogator event.

Here’s a video: How to get "Going Out With A Bang Penance" reliably! (Short Guide at the very start) - YouTube

I wonder if it’s possible to rework that penance post launch since it’s tied to a Steam achievement.

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Welcome friend to dark tide where the devs hate you and instead of letting you have fun the deliberately make the game the exact opposite. That is when you can actually get it to work :smiley:

Thanks for the hint, much appreciated :slight_smile:

you could just have the cosmetic tied to easier achievement, and keep “going out as a bang” as a novelty

I got this penance by accident, and then it’s literally never happened since.

The fact is, no sane Psyker ever plans to blow themselves up deliberately. By definition this penance expects the player to willfully sabotage the mission, which completely goes against the idea of cooperative play.

The main problem many people have with this one is that they don’t know the trick how to force the explosion fast enough and get downed by the 3 elite before the blast. They try it by charging a staff.

The trick is to boost the peril to 100% with a staff or BB and then switch to the force sword to use its special to instantly blow up.

Yeah. I hate this penance. Either i feel guilty for trying to blow up, or I can’t blow up in time before the bolter blows everything away. Very frustrating.

Fatshark creating Psyker’s penance:

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Try a private match with a friend who plays veteran so they can routinely check rooms for groups of elites and mark them for you as you go through the level, then you can run ahead and try your best.
That’s how I did it, really stupid penance though, try getting 3 elites, alive, around you, in one moment, who are all injured just enough so that the explosion actually kills them, at the same time, before a teammate kills one of them off or they down you.
So many variables that make it frustratingly hard to do, and it’s completely out of your control.
It’s the second to last penance that I completed on my Psyker, and only because I chose to hold off with pick n mix until I had it, everything else was easier to do.
Hell, earning my candles as Zealot took less tries…

This post has become obsolete since the new Patch Nr.9.

Only one Elite is now required. Best they could do imo.