Psyker Penance Cliffhanger needs adjustments (so does the others)

I think Psyker has an issue where majority or perhaps all of it’s penances requires or even encourages bad play. In the case of Cliffhanger it’s far too difficult to obtain in a reasonable manner since it forces you to stop playing the game and instead force a situation which would rarely if ever occur.

For one, the psyker push is far too small, also depending on the missions available you can’t do it at all due to the lack of places to push said enemies off. This is all for a cosmetic that’s essentially a stop gap between your level 5 cosmetic and the one you receive at level 20. Penances in general should more or less be something that pushes you to engage with the gameplay loop, instead of sitting in a mission for 30+ minutes, trying to get 20 guys off an edge within 2 seconds which is also absurd in itself.

In general I think the psyker penances need a look over. Also, I still don’t have it after trying in pre-made groups. But warp battery? Got it quite easily, playing the game naturally.

Another example, is blowing yourself up on three elites. Just stop and think for a moment. Why would you do that? Why would you encourage players to do that?

Third example, killing a monstrosity using only brain-burst, let’s not forget the bad damage scaling on the ability and if your friend or your pre-made so much as breathes upon it, you’re stuffed. Overall, I think penances, all penances, need another look.

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