Psyker penances are putting me off the game

As much as I’ve been excited for this game I have to be honest here. This is extremely unfun. I’m max level, this is my favorite class, there isn’t much else to do but wait on contracts for better items and do challenges. I’ve been trying for hours on end to get the cosmetics to no avail. Meanwhile my friends on other classes have easily been able to cheese theirs or knock them out no problem. Psyker penances seem to be the only ones requiring this much luck and team cooperation. Not only are they insanely hard, one of mine (warp battery) is bugged at 300/300 seconds still after hotfix and patch, no reward. This honestly feels like one of the most frustrating gaming experiences I’ve ever had. These challenges have almost nothing to do with skill or fun which leaves them in a weird grey area of annoying and wasted gameplay.


Meanwhile there’s other challenges like Zealot’s where you essentially just start a game on heresy, sit in a corner for 10 minutes then intentionally lose the game. That’s the zealot equivalent like what??


Yup made a similar post. Psyker penances are far too specific or encourages bad play.


Thank god someone said it. My brother (Veteran) is now three challenges ahead of me and has awesome cosmetics while I’m still here in my basic uniform. The only penance cosmetic I have is the one to brain burst a pouncing pox hound, which basically just gets you a kneepad.

Genuinely, I’ve tried Cliffhanger four times now, with a guide, with nice groups of randos who try to help, and I simply cannot do it. It’s really discouraging and, combined with how long you have to grind to get all the staff varieties, it’s damping my excitement for the game. There’s been such a community outcry about the penances in general, I really hope they get changed by launch.


Funny enough just made an ogryn and the equivalent of this challenge is just throwing a grenade box into one of the corruption eyes lol. Looking at ogryn, most of them come from you know just playing the game.


Another wasted day trying to finish these. Doubting whether I even wanna play the game again today. :frowning:

You can’t do it because it fails to register

Some people can do it somehow, but for me it simply refuses to register since after the first time i tried, i’m forever locked at 7/20 no matter if i push 30 of them at once

I don’t even want a bug fix, i want actual interesting challenges


Against my better judgment I put in enough time to finally get these two Psyker Penance Guide (Going out with a bang/Pick n' Mix)

Agreed, im getting really burnt out trying to get these epically with this really bad map rotation system, i hope this is only in because of beta because if they rotate these maps like this were only specific ones are available is really bad.

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I’ve been having some trouble with the pennances myself, and the timing on the one for pushing enemies off of a cliff leaves no room for error. You have to push them all off in one ult, or you start over. I’ve gotten up to 14/20 so far. As for the rest, I can’t seem to get any amount of time on the one requiring 300s of max warp charges, and I held on to 4 stacks for nearly an entire mission! And if you want to kill a boss with nothing but brain burst, that requires a dedicated team that knows to stand back and do nothing the entire time.

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The 300 seconds one only tracks on heresy and above (Lvl 4+). Mine is bugged at 300/300 but I’ve seen some people wearing the pants and saying that’s how they did it. There’s a good spawn for cliffhanger on one of the scanner missions but they haven’t been available in the new pool. I’m stuck at 17/20. :')

One of the Ogryn things I really don’t like, specifically the ‘stay in cohesion on 3+ dificulty from start to end’. Basically if there’s another ogryn, or a zealot, you fail. If you get a monster spawn you fail. If a barrel boom happens, you could fail. Just…way to many things beyond player control that could fail this, especially without better indicators to track team location and cohesion radius


I’ve been trying to get Cliffhanger all day. There’s, unfortunately, only one mission at the moment where it’s possible to do. At the very beginning of the mission- assuming you get the right mobs to spawn. Also, assuming you have pugs that actually want to help.

There’s another mission where it seems a little easier to do but, since the release of the Repair mission I haven’t seen the Espionage missions which is where you can complete the cliffhanger penance a little easier.

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The Metalfab Strike mission also makes it possible, but it’s way harder than Chasm Logistratum or the infiltration mission and you really REALLY have to coordinate it with your team.
It’s a terrible penance.

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I think most of the Psyker Penances are fine the only bad ones are Malleus Monstrum (there are too many variables and fail cases for this), the Perils of the while killing 3 elites one (because its actively sabotaging your team).

Malleus Monstronum is meant to be hard and require coordination, it takes time and patience but isn’t specifically egregious. Going Out With A Bang is counterproductive and outright risky to chase, but you can also just get it after messing up and getting stranded near squishier Elites. I personally got that one without even thinking about it, just by going well yep f it and blowing myself up intentionally.
Pick ‘n’ Mix is the difficult one because of BB cast time, it’s still perfectly manageable.
But those are penances designed to be difficult and earned via coordination or luck in higher difficulty missions. Cliffhanger is a “starter” penance that’s clearly meant to be earned through normal gameplay while levelling, just like Not Even Close or the “easy” penances every other class has (Long Bomb, Marked For Death, Something In Your Eye etc).

Its pure RNG. Thats all it is. Its RNG waiting for the monster to spawn, its RNG to find a group willing to let you solo it without ANY of them choosing to attack it (whether purposefully or accidentally) at any given moment. Its RNG if someone will disconnect causing a bot to appear that will 100% attack it.

Its more luck based than skill based. Its not enough to know how to Solo the boss (I do) the hard part is waiting for the stars to align in the right scenario to enable it to happen then hope and beg that nothing out of your control screws it up.


Exactly. Just because they can be done on paper doesn’t mean it won’t take hours if not days of frustration and not playing the actual game. Popping a pouncing hound is the only Psyker penance that can be done by just playing the game well. “I just got lucky” isn’t a solid reason to say a challenge isn’t hard. Also there are just as many variables for cliff, pick n mix, and bang.


Absolutely discouraging.

Meanwhile Ogryns solo que for their highest until they have three ogryns they can bum rush. Zealots hang out for six minutes and fail out. Yeap. Difficult.

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