Please Rework Cosmetic Penances

First off let me state that I love Darktide, the soundtrack, weapons, maps etc. Are all fantastic and the 40K universe has been done a great service.

However the biggest glaring issue for me right now are the Cosmetic penances. For a game that is pushing the teamwork aspect sooo hard (Which I appreciate by the way) these cosmetic penances either:

A: Require you to Grief your team in Public Matches over and over to get


B: Require you to have 3 friends that will help you get them (The psykers brain burst boss challenge is literally impossible without this method)

It’s ridiculous and goes against the very teamwork aspect you are trying to implement in the game. I have had Psykers join my matches and blow themselves up repeatedly to try and get the elite killer challenge.

Veterans join and don’t fire a shot of their weapon because they’re trying to get 100% accuracy and don’t want to risk missing.

This just causes frustration and is quite frankly tedious, both for the person trying to get the challenge and the people who’s match is ruined because of it.

Please, Please change these challenges. Make them promote teamwork, make them achievable solo in Public Matches, and consider making the conditions slightly less difficult. Most of them are a chore to get and not fun at all.

Thank you


Yeah. I’m on the heresy difficulty ones right now. Trying to get my 5 highlighted headshot kills (having major issues with it, but that’s a different thread right there) and I feel like a jerk joining these tier 4 missions I know I’m not good enough to play where I’ll tank the mission most likely because I want those pants.

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Can I just check What lvl your Veteran is? That challenge is really easy to get once you hit lvl 30. Just pick the feat that highlights all Scab Shooter, pick the reduced sway feat, the camo feat and the Increase damage based on distance feat and you should be golden. Got it in 2 tries that way

Level 30. I do pick all those talents, but closest I’ve gotten is 4/5. Enemies either react to me (less likely to target only helps when everyone else is around, in which case they’re often rushing into melee or destroying my targets already) or I just run out of time because it seems like the timer isn’t refreshing outside the meat grinder for killing shooters. That or I end up having to reload and burn out my timer.

Even if it is the case that my aim is as bad as a 60 year old with severe arthritis, I’m still going on missions far above my skill level and feeling like I’m tanking a run, not because I intend to, but because I genuinely believe I lack the necessary ability to see it through to the end and thus ruin someone else’s run in order to get these cosmetics. There should be some challenge to earning the cosmetics, but part of me thinks that match difficulty shouldn’t be a factor. Like charge into 4 ogryns in 20 seconds on heresy should just be charge into 4 ogryns in 20 seconds. That way the best places to complete it might still be heresy difficulty, but it could perhaps be accomplished on malice with more hordes.

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That’s fair enough man, sorry that you’re having trouble at the moment. Cosmetic Penances seem to be an issue for alot of people at the moment, so hopefully they’ll be changed soon.

If you need someone to step back and help your get the penances just give me a shout, I’m very comfortable with the higher difficulties I don’t mind partying up if it helps!

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Hugely agree. I was literally having the time of my life until I realised that I couldn’t get headgear without doing the Cliffhanger penance. Since then, I’ve basically not enjoyed one second of playing this game. The combination of being so situational and requiring your team to agree to not play normally and then being a bit flaky to pull off anyway makes this incredibly frustrating.

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