Group Hindering Penances

I’d love for penances that require a group to ‘put up with it’ or those that actually hinder a match to be reworked.

The thorn in my side is the “Just a Flesh Wound” penance, but each class has one or two like it. I’m either yelled at to heal, or have to talk a group into dealing with me playing with a handicap before each match (complicated by the fact each fresh match usually has 2 bots that take 5 minutes to replace).

I rely on pugs to play, as do most people I’d guess, so ‘just find a discord group’ or ‘get 3 of your friends to help’ isn’t an option for me.

There are lots of penances that were fun to complete and didn’t frustrate the rest of the group - I wish all were like this rather than ones that worked against the team dynamic.


“Just a Flesh Wound” is not even the worst offender here. I agree with you 100%, something has to be done with these.


you have to ask in the prep lobby and only expect it works if everyone agrees.
low Heresy Assasination worked for me a week ago in pugs after over 400 hours played and it was the first of that heresy penances done as i also mostly rely on pugs and dont exploit by principle.

done Monstronum 2 days ago also in a pug asking the Ogryn to Tank a DH and the group not damaging it. worked also, but i agree its more pain for the team than for yourself.

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“Out with a bang” Has to be the most frustrating and team breaking. EVERY psyker needs to do it. So every match with a psyker in Heresy+, you get many intentional suicides. Since the penances bug out and sometimes don’t trigger, this amount of fumbling frustration is multiplied. Unless with a group of 3 friends all willing to blow a match if needed and void any progression- THEN having the right circumstances of failure… there’s no chance. Get 3 elites in focus? A player or bot takes one out- leaving you to die for nothing but a barrage of insults from a team watching you pop in higher diffs. You can get kicked for it.
1260 penance score- not a noob here… I pulled it off countless times so far- once killing 4 elites and a doggo saving a mate… EXCEPTIONAL Frustration when the lottery win chance happens and the damn thing doesn’t trigger cos “some penances don’t trigger”… imagine winning the lottery and the office ripped up your ticket in the paper shredder and said better luck next time? xD

Lots of penances are fun… feel good to get. “Just a flesh wound” I find to be ok- it’s the timer. I’ve done countless Heresy matches on 1hp and it’s always a loss because we’re 3-5 mins out. And that’s out of your control the moment you get any other player in. Remove timer- penance works for all playing- just up to you to be good enough to survive.


The way some of the game systems work: achievements, mission select screen, crafting, its almost like this isn’t Fatshark’s 3rd Tide title, but 1st.

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Penance is like it is called,penance
While it is true it is also true that a decent player will just avoid doing those penances in pug group
Because you intentionaly troll your team for penance is very bad and you shouldnt do it

Honestly as a player regularly rush through +5 and +5 high int/hunting ground I would say I hate those penances
Sometimes I just feel those penances are not even bragging rights,but shame instead
Because if I do troll my team just for doing a penance then I am a really bad player


Agree completely.

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Whoever designed the penances over at Fatshark haven’t played a coop game themselves.
You don’t design stuff based around making the experience miserable for your teammates.

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I’m almost certain that whomever designed the penances doesn’t even play Darktide. Now they are okayish, still not great but doable. During pre-release some of them were completely impossible unless you knew how to cheese them.

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“Just a Flesh Wound” is not something the Zealot has a lot of control over which makes it really frustrating. It’s not just that the penance is bad, but setting up the conditions to even attempt the penance is RNG.

It’s tough enough finding a level doable in 20 minutes due to the RNG level selection, let alone a fresh lobby of human players, let alone a group willing to rush through the level while you skip healing.

And once you hit 20 minutes might as well quit out because even if you’re playing great your whole group has to help earn this particular penance for you.

Plus as far as I can tell the mission timer starts as soon as the mission starts to load after the lobby. Not when you get player control, or when the cutscene starts, but when you are in the Valkyrie.

I hope I’m wrong but I have timed my runs several times. A minute discrepancy I can explain with rounding errors. I have set a stopwatch when loading began and I have had loading times upward of 3 minutes and the mission timer and my stopwatch results were the same then. When timing from player control I had discrepancies where my stopwatch had less time on it than the mission timer.

With randoms, yes it sucks.
With a good premade group, it is totally fine (try getting a party for it, on the DT discord).

This penance is actually one of the few that has basically no rng involved and gives you full control. It also does not require you to actively do something completely stupid (since your passive gives you a bonus for the missing hp).