"Just a Flesh Wound" Penance

I have been trying for a while to get this penance now and the closest I can get is 23 mins. This penance feels unfair as it is forcing me to play in a completely anti-teamwork way, trying to get people to run through Heresy level missions to complete them within 20 mins.

If i mention i’m trying to get the penance people leave or just start trash talking and I’m not even mad. I understand their frustration. If the time limit could be raised to 25/30 mins on this penance I believe it would be much more obtainable without negatively impacting the team
based gameplay for heresy missions.

Considering that the original challenge was 10 mins and was bugged so that the vast majority of people were able to cheese it during the beta and haven’t been made to do it legitimately, I feel this is completely unfair to people trying to do the challenge legit,


Yup. Blame the developers.

I think they had some cutesy notion that streamers would organize discord teams to try to complete their “fun challenges.” They’re incredibly toxic and disrespectful to the majority of players.

I fully expect them to alter them in the future. The feedback has been universally negative towards the upper level ones, since almost all of them require you to do something stupid or play in an irrational way that isn’t conducive to success. Some outright want you to suicide in order to complete them.


If you dont have a team of friends that can help you with this i suggest trying to do it on the Hab Dreyko scan mission, you will have to bullrush the scanning parts though, but its one of the maps that has the quickest potential clear times from what i have seen.

You could also try to ask around in the Darktide discord, they got a few LFG channels.

25 minutes would be fine, I’ve hit 21 minutes playing normally before, but I think the whole penance is stupid. I was brainstorming better ideas and thought of “complete an entire mission on Heresy without activating your passive” done. Encourages you to play well.


It’s an incredibly bad penance, like many others. It is doable though, but you need a bit of planning and luck. First you need a low intensity assassination mission to appear on the map (for heresy), and then you need a team. I did it with others on the official discord. Usually whenever a low intensity assassination mission appears for 4, people on the discord will try to organize runs. I did it about 4 times in total, to get it myself and to help others get it, and it’s doable in around 15-16 minutes. It’s not fun, though.


Someone did it today on the forge map, 18 minutes, I happened that to join that game randomly. Probably something to try on the easiest difficulty, but we did that on Heresy.

I tracked average clear times of maps in preperation to help friends with this (so far we’ve not made any serious attempts as only one friend plays zealot as their main and they’ve been busy or happy levelling alts for now.

Anyway, I found the following missions were typically the fastest:

Magistrati Oubliette TM8-707 - Honestly probably the fastest zone. Had some 11 minute Malice clears when zooming it.
Hab Dreyko - Will need scan coordination as @sioux mentioned.
Relay Station TRS-150 - honestly spawning issues in the open areas may make this an issue to speed through on Heresy, but that may be more limited to other Hourglass based missions.

But yes, the penance is bad, and whoever made it should feel bad. Along with every other penance that - as mentioned in many other places - cause way more toxic behaviour than a score board ever could. Many of which are kinda easy if annoying if you’ve got a regular group of friends, but without, they’re just obnoxious.


Got this one on my zealot a while back with a pug. Was a no-secondary-objective, no special modifier, Assassination mission (I wanted to avoid missions that had a time-gated finale). Didn’t ask the group to try to do it. The group just played smoothly and we happened to finish somewhere between 19-20 minutes.


ok i retain myself to be incredibly sarcastic but, come on.

Where is the challenge if we give it to everyone

It’s funny how they get rid of the scoreboard because it’s “toxic” and the antithesis of teamwork, but in the same breath, they add impossible penances that encourages selfish play or is just impossible to do without exploits.

Missed it by that much on Heresy, no cheese, no anti-teamwork gameplay.
It was Low Intensity mod but we had a damned Plague Ogryn and at least 1 time people ran off to check far corners (IIRC). In hindsight I should have said something to the team, it was a smooth run with good teamwork between 2 psykers+2 zealots; probably would have shaved a minute off with a Vet.

NGL I’m a bit disappointed, but I’m sure it can be done again, legit.

I don’t have a problem with challenging penances, it stings a bit when others cheesed them though; the other zealot had his upgraded armor from having done it and I was questioning its legitimacy.

P.S. Does Initial matchmaking count for timer? I heard ppl say it does, that sucks if that’s the case, without it I would have made it. The delay between downing boss and mission ending doesn’t help either.

I actually completed this penance on a 21 minute run funny enough.

I was in with a team of randoms but there was another Zealot who decided to go for the penance as well, so we all kinda got into the spirit then, we both got the penance, despite the end of game screen showing “21 minutes”. I can’t really explain it.

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21 is …19!?
3 random zealot (incl. me) and a pskyer did it on a low intensity Relay Station the other night in 18 minutes, that map seems to be easy to speed run even regular intensity.

Yeah I’ve no idea how I got it, despite saying 21 minutes.

It was on that map, I forget the name, where you gotta upload false cogitator data, the one with the room at the very end you gotta kinda guard, that has 2 small thin bridges connecting to it.

Well, enjoy the candles I guess!

I’m glad you get that part.

Do you? Then stop wasting their time then without their permission. If anything gather a group 3 other zealots and stop disrupting public games with silly achievement hunts.

Do yourself and others a favour and ignore idio…aspects of Fatshark game design. Just enjoy the core gameplay. Too many of these challenges, and frankly…some of the main game systems, are NOT worth obsessing about.