Just a Flesh Wound

Not really much to say here.

I’ve been trying for this penance a few times and i find that most games on Heresy last about 28 to 40 minutes so i was wondering if the penance could be made to complete a mission in 25 minutes.

or possibly 23 as the Bridge map on low intensity is fairly quick to run but not anywhere near 20 minutes quick.

Totally agree. I searched online for ways to do this and everyone who said they got it was because they used the cheese/suicide method before the patch. These penances are bunk.

It’s possible but only on some maps usually with timed events that don’t need much player interaction and strike targets/bosses (did a low intensity smelter in 17 minutes). Either way, 20 minutes is still really tight.

I hate this Penance with a passion and it makes me not want to play the game anymore. It’s my last Penance but since I don’t have any friends to play with I have to rely on PUG’s. Now If I tell PUG’s that I will try the Penance they kick me from the game. If I don’t tell them they think I’m terrible or they guess what I’m doing and give me a lot of hate. I don’t blame them. Especially since most people who have this Penance probably cheated it in the beginning before the patch. Please at least just remove the time limit.

you can do it clearly and easily on chasm station assasination mission, will be more easy with a combat blade and lacerate, but you can easily do it with thunder hammer and flamer.

sadly its only doable consistently with friends. even with normal runs when you team constantly moves you can do it under 20mins. But the cover shooter playstyle wont work.

Its one of those penances where having a premade group that knows what you wanna do really helps.

Also that hab dreyko scan mission is a good map to do it on

Fastest run i had when trying to do that penance on that map was 14 min and we spent a few minutes dicking around at the extract point to stretch out the mission time a bit in case we did not get down to less than one wound quick enough at the beginning.