Just a Flesh Wound Penance

I do not believe that this penance is designed in a way that is fair in any way. Only on certain maps will a 20 minute run even be feasible due to how long most of the maps take to complete. However since there is no map choosing in the game, you are required to wait hours for the right map with the right special condition that will make it possible to complete the penance.

I implore FatShark to redo this penance or remove it from the game because without cheesing this is next to impossible. 20 minutes to complete a Heresy level mission is not doable when you are meant to be close to death for the entire run, and at the same time rushing to finish as fast as possible.


100% agree and Iā€™m waiting for a fix before trying to do this acheivement. This achievement was done most by those that were quick to cheese it before the fix.
AND we can add bleed through dmg that does hp dmg no matter how high your toughness is to that. Please @FatsharkJulia tell the devs to remove this bleed through crap so we can play the class like he was intended. Kinda kills the whole idea of running an attack speed/low hp build othewise.

Not only that but (as alexogren said) a bunch of people completed this in the beta by getting them self below 1 wound sitting around for 5 minutes then getting a party wipe, people were not made to do it again so most of the people running around with this armour probably did not earn it legitimately anyway.