Penances guides?

Why can’t we find a legit guide anywhere?
Even on youtube it’s mostly guides on how to CHEESE most of the “end game” penances.
Fail the mission, hold long enough the die, alt+f4, unplug the cable, sacrifice your unborn child to Khorne etc etc…

You guys even playtested this sh*t before putting it into game?
We wouldn’t even care about these penances if the ONLY armor cosmetics weren’t locked behind it.
While we are at it, what’s with the lack, sorry wrong word… Practically nonexistent pool of cosmetics? Come on this is Wh40K, we don’t even have all the recolored versions of the existing cosmetics. :hot_face:


They’re not all easy but even the most difficult penances are doable. I’ve got all but one of my most difficult penances done with randoms, and I got all of them finished of psyker and zealot. They are supposed to be a reward to skillful players, so it only makes sense that skillful players have them. Devs have made a large number of penances easier already soo… Just put more effort into it and you’ll get whatever you’re trying to get.

How is it skill when every single guide is how to cheese them, at least the ludicrous ones like Make every shot count? While Veterans passive goes against this.
I can’t tell you how many missions I completed with Plasma gun vs monstrosity where you can’t miss and yet Vet’s passive fu*ked me over despite not equiping melee like someone stated. Not to mention having a perfect shot, then some rando pops in front of me.

How is it skill that almost every penance in this game makes you a detriment to the team? Like 90% of them you have to play like a re*ard and do the opposite of what is expected of your class? I understand penances like Abhor the mutant or Warp battery, it goes well along the default playstyle of those classes but to expect a ranged class to be melee? Honestly even the Zealots melee only was cheesed by many by just using flamethrower. That’s not skill. That’s an oversight on dev’s part. If they were all a matter of skill there wouldn’t be such a cry out from the community.

Nobody expects an easy way to get a penance but some are utter sh*te because devs apparently don’t playtest what they make. Also, not everybody has time each day to play enough to get them through trial and error.

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You have no idea what you are saying mate. Veteran penance “make every shot count” literally makes you grieve your whole squad on heresy, it encourages you not to do your job as a sharpshooter, it makes the whole squad suffer.

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Remember, score screens at the end are toxic, though.
I was really lucky to get a group of 4 (!) Psykers, all trying to do their Shove 7 guys over a ledge penance - its an easy penance, but the heresy once require your teammates to actually risk taking damage so you can kill a monstrosity with BB for example.
The higher penances are made for 4 friends playing the game, no other explanation there.

Sure, the veteran one is stupid, I should’ve specified in the post. Rest are not that detrimental, except the psyker’s “Going out with a bang”. Then again, it’s all just cosmetic, so you’re not obliged to do them to progress your character or anything.