"Just a flesh Wound" penance bug?

Issue Description:

Hi, i did “Just a Flesh Wound” Penance during a mission in 19 minutes but it didn’t count. Is there any known bug about it ?
I was in the mission since the lobby, and didn’t crash or disconnect.

Mission Name :
Smelter Complex HL-17-36

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Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
01/25/2023, 00:15 AM CET

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console-2023-01-24-22.17.09-c3b99632-732a-4978-bd3e-57b330a6d089.log (539.7 KB)

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darktide_launcher.log (804.6 KB)

Thx for your help.

Did you die or go down? Time spent waiting to be rescued counts as having one wound (meaning not low enough.)

Hi, thx for reply

I did not spend more than 4 minutes with higher hp than required, including the downed time (and i did not die).

Then I don’t know. My tip would be to get a group together and do it whenever a low intensity heresy assassination mission comes up. They are very easy to do in 15-16 minutes with a semi-competent group. Oh, and of course 0 wound curious and stack up on health curios.

Hi @Exagon,

I believe I replied to your support ticket already, but I’ll reply here also.

The “Just a Flesh Wound” Penance is on our radar, and we are investigating reports of this not always working correctly. We’re on it!

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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just to say i have done i t 3 days ago in a pug with two Ogryns and a Veteran helping me after aksing in the preparation lobby.
I was not down, but unconscious several times and was allways on very low hp, luckily a beast of nurgle and several other enemies gifted me around 80% of corruption so that i even proftited from the healthpack in the boss room on a low heresy assasination mission without risking to get to much HP.
I tried it before many times also with premande groups and one time even another zealot got te penance done while i didnt and i think it was because i most of the time was exactly at 50%/ one wound of HP.

I’ve completed the requirements but not got the penance as well. For me the real issue that this penance forces players to hinder the team by skipping healing. I don’t have a group of friends to make attempts for this with - the average pug either yells “heal!” at me the whole time, or has to be talked into dealing with another person trying some unhelpful penance.

Killing 40 enemies in a set time after stunning them with a grenade on the other hand was a fun penance that aided the party.

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