"Just a flesh wound" bugged

For the tenth (or however many) time, got under 20 min run on heresy, with another zealot doing the same run on an Assassination mission. Both of us got nothing and stayed on our last hits WAY beneath one wound. Can you please fix our accounts to show what we earned and allow us to get our costumes?

My account ye know: Steam Community :: Walker Trips
The other zealot I can’t remember (if you just finished a run with “SilliusSoddus” - silver haired zealot… let them know) but will put my log here: (I think it’s my last log)
console-2023-01-30-21.29.53-a553cd17-e1c7-4a2b-ae06-32a9a6341a90.log (275.7 KB)

But yeah especially after our veteran and psyker were such good sports (and good players) allowing the speedrun, we need a fixing. Cheers.

Hi @walkertrips,

Sorry to hear this, and I’m sad to say we are unable to manually unlock Penances for players due to limitations in our backend.

Please be assured though, that we’re aware of and looking in to issues with this particular Penance not completing as expected.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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