Penance bugged?

Issue Description:
i see there is a problem finishing penance for psyker , some of them either doesnt count kills or count it in low numbers , i have seen watching it carefully after few missions . Is someone else have it ? Also description in my laungage is a bit off the topic and sadly i cant change it english

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Xbox series x

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Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
All the time , Europe

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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Penances “Warp Battery”

Stuck at 265 seconds and won’t go any further. I’ve been suffering for three days now. It’s horrible! It is unknown when to expect fixes.
I know that this penance needs to be completed on the “Heresy” difficulty level. I stood there holding 4 stacks for 10 minutes (the session lasted 30 minutes) and they still didn’t count me.
This is clearly a bug.

The most annoying thing is that “FatShark” does not compensate me for wasted time.

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Same here , but i stuck on 74 i think , also penance to kill elite and specialist kill with full charges on heresy , did that plenty of time yet it stuck at 15 . I hope they fix it soon. Today was 6gb update on xbox but nothing has changed , literally nothing . Is game company even reading this or we just talk cuz we talk :eyes:

Patch #14 came out and there are no changes. The patch description says that the description of the Psyker’s penance has been corrected, but in fact nothing has been corrected. To be honest, this is starting to irritate me.

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Just played Heresy for 20 minutes and maintained warp charges for almost the entire session! I never got credited. As it was 265/300 seconds, it remains so. The most disgusting thing about this is that I no longer need this cosmetics, because… During my attempts, I have already saved up a lot of money and bought myself cosmetics. I’m very sorry for the wasted time.

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Would be cool if all armors would be able to buy from cantina , sadly half of them are from penence so they still need to be finished

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