FS Please say something or rethink your PR

When are we getting news on these things?

Like anything.
A devblog, some tease about these upcoming updates your working on.
Some sneekpeaks on your twitteraccount.
Build some hype and for your fans.
Don’t just wait untill late fall/winter when everyone is angry you just doing the “ghosting” bit again and then next-weeking the updatepost about the update


i fear it to be past “that point”, were they rather play swedish ostrich again for it´d be a lose/lose situation.

best possible scenario the new approach to crafting finds a huge consent among the community where even those not seeing their vision fullfilled are content with what it is.

one reaction being tried to avoid would be the “are we there yet” crowd.

worst possible would be coming out with their vision of crafting mid way only to be this:

so as much as i´d like to hype myself and fuel my desire for warhammer 40k in general, at the moment i enjoy the gameplay and fix myself up with “out of darktide” 40k, be it figures or lore videos.

fatshark isn´t my go to to keep the nurgle oven puffing.


I’m sure they will release alot of content, like they said, in the remaining 7 months of 2024. :clown_face:

Seriously, I’d be surprised to even see half of the announced stuff.


Silence, serf! You will tolerate the shop rotation patches and buy more cosmetics!


More seriously, Fatshark refuses to talk. If they talk, they might say something people expect to see done, and for whatever reason Fatshark is really bad at fulfilling promises about content.

(See ‘oh yeah if you’ve completed the new penances they’ll unlock automatically’, I WANT MY POINTS @FatsharkStrawHat )


Nevermind those points just go into the game and bend over backwards to tick boxes by committing arbitrary acts you never would during normal gameplay.

Do it buddy, come on buddy, it’s fun buddy, I promise buddy, you want those points buddy, just do it buddy, it’s fun buddy I swear, please buddy, go into an uprising mission with the ogryn and just hold left click on your stubber to get those lucky bullet triggers buddy, I swear it’s fun buddy please.


took the forums less than a day to decide that meant “they’re giving us the crafting update we demand!” which it isn’t going to be, so i think they’d rather just not touch it until the release and let the people happy with their work balance out the one that start raging.



Are those people who decided ‘Fatshark is giving us the update we demand’ in the room with us right now?

Because last I checked, forum consensus was pretty solidly ‘we know absolutely nothing about what’s coming, and given their last ‘dev blog’ contrasted with what we actually got re: crafting, we should temper our enthusiasm’.

Or are you just attempting to poison the well ahead of time so that you can fight the people you’ve made up in your head?


We‘ll hear from them this week - but not on the subject.

Wednesday or Thursday we‘ll get a suspiciously large hotfix with a bunch of irrelevant fixes (but not the Krieg Vet coat), breaking other stuff, smuggling in the next uninspired reskin for the cash shop.

Considering the crafting update I fear I‘m agreeing with Jakal…

It will not address the problem we have with RNG, they know we won’t like it and thus keep silent as long as possible.

I hope to be surprised in a good way - there is always the possibility to be surprised in a bad way even with expectations as low as mine by now…


Imagine if you will, grinding out 250 of each type of map, being awarded the with every portrait… Then looking at your penances and seeing that you have never been to any of these maps even once.


I’m gonna be honest, this, more than anything, is what has me convinced that the game is in maintenance/sleeper mode, with a tiny dev team, regardless of what Aqshy says.

No game with an actual functional dev cycle produces so little when so much is needed.


You haven’t played Mordhau, have you?

Imagine if you will, a game that took the Chiv and melee free for all deathmatch and duelling community by storm, when no Chivalry 2 was anywhere in sight. Delivering on literally everything people asked for… only to barely release any content. None. It got so bad people made ‘patchie’ memes and cosplayed as Shrek terrorizing servers, asking for a content patch.

Tbh I just want them to say what the fluckin’ update is even gonna entail. If it’s still like 6 months off or something then…Well okay that’d be bad, but at least we’d know the crafting system will be good (or at least better) eventually…You know, presumably, anyways. I mean it’s not like they’re gonna make it worse…right?


Even if a CM went to the devs today and said we need a statement pronto, it would take FS roughly 8 weeks to decide on and create a clinically distilled PR response.

And that’s a big if, because I’m not sure Darktide even has a CM at the moment. Has anyone seen someone post something outside of hotfixes or patch notes? I sure haven’t.


while i´m in no place to claim knowledge about the stuff in the background, i´d be curious as to what goal fatshark keeps aiming at for the long run.

i guess it´s safe to assume those still remaining in terms of player numbers are somewhat content with the gameplay and stuff to do, wishing to refine what´s there and improve upon.

and personally i´m fine with a playerbase around 4-6k rather than bloated numbers of rather clueless people stumbling from maelstrom to maelstrom.

running into the same dudes is rather a relief at times for you know what you´re into, without the detour through discord servers etc.

if by chance a good percentage of those remaining keep the lights on by spending on drip it could be a self sustaining hamster wheel, which i´m part of unashamedly, spending 500 on mcfarlane figures and paint or 30 on some nice look ingame is part of me enjoying my 40k experience.

in order got get numbers up again, fatshark would need to churn out tangible content like a new map every other month, roster of enemies regularly and so on and so forth.

those jumping ship had either their money´s worth while burning through the content at hand or felt it lacking altogether.

i´d guess even with new crafting they´d vanish again after a couple weeks when “everything” is crafted and no new arsenal in sight.

in that regard i feel a very old id software quote when parting ways with one of their map designers “we didn´t get what we expected”

the stuff we do have is great both visually and from a gameplay perspective, there´s no map design that´s a “nope” from me by default (god knows there are plenty quake 3 maps i wouldn´t touch with a ten pole in my haydays)

it´s just there needs to be more of it a lot quicker than fatshark could deliver in a good year.

and this saddens me greatly, thinking back on the older days when 32map mega wads for doom 2 came in by the month ( granted, games were a lot simpler back then, still the thought and design that went into hell revealed for example wasn´t far away from official content in my book ), having reached an age by now pondering if i actually live to see a fallout 5 or elder scrolls 6 (if bethesda gets his head out of the rear and makes good games again for a change)

Hedge: Fired/quit.

Sister_Septicemia: Fired/quit.

Aqshy: Retired, no longer active in any official capacity.

Catfish: increasingly silent, duties taken over by Strawhat and Quickpaw. Her last action was to close the absolutely toxic pit that was @Mayson trying to stir up some culture war nonsense, back in April. Has posted nothing and done nothing in the weeks since.

Strawhat: Talked briefly in the penance update hype, basically silent after it dropped. Last action was to close Cerebrophage’s first attempt at making a crafting-positive thread in early May.

Quickpaw: does nothing but post patch notes but DT was never ‘their’ game anyway so not expecting more. Still active on VT2’s forum section.

So no, I don’t think CMing is something Fatshark has going on. That or it’s either a ‘do nothing’ job, or you spend 95% of it in meetings with suits.


That has been my impression as well. Aside from moderation, posting patch notes, and answering some questions for a few hours after posting dev blogs or ‘big’ patch notes… there is nothing. There’s also, as far as I can tell, nothing in the discord.

Catfish has been MIA (aside from one moderation or two) for what is beginning to be a very long time, and Quickpaw and Strawhat seem to only do moderation and patch note posting in terms of their forum duties.

Remember how they said they were working so hard at better communication, that they really wanted more of it? Then they extended time between community letters, before just cancelling them completely and going completely silent.

Like they always do. Like they’ve done for the past 10 years.

FatShark sure is a special kind of developer.


Catfish is just slammed, I think. Both Strawhat and Quickpaw are part-time (I think this has been mentioned in a Discord message months ago) until they fill the current role they’re advertising for; so I’d bet Catfish is running around trying to get everything done between managing Darktide and preparing for Versus after my departure. Unfortunately a new CM hire didn’t happen before I left, so she’s probably working multiple areas at present, as well as managing the rest of the CM team.


Slammed ?

Slammed = busy. American English slang.


Oh ok, I feared it meant fired, as in sent to the slammer (Prison)