"Warhammer Skulls" on May 23rd

they are going to announce some new information about Darktide at this event, what do you think is coming?


I’m guessing that Fatshark doesnt’ really let anything rush them at this point, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the good ol announcing-an-announcement, i.e. “more info on this future date!” probably concerning the upcomign itemization overhaul


I assume it will be very similar to last years. 1 or 2 new maps, maybe some sort of event for limited time cosmetics.

If we’re lucky a weapon or 2 but not holding out my hope for that.

There is an astronomically small chance that we get the itemization update, but don’t get your hopes up.

Also possibility for 5th archetype? I would put that being as likely as crafting update however.

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Who cares, Space Marine 2 :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:




Well, it kinda felt like they let themselves get surprised by it last year and threw something out last minute. Hopefully, we get something a bit more fully-baked this year.

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Im thinking we are going to be shown whats next for darktide after crafting update

Some vague small update with a few small rewards. I don’t expect a big drop until October personally. I’m open to being contradicted.

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I think last year its more they had an update ready, announced the date, then realised that they had announced to early and didn’t correct it.

Here they didn’t say anything to avoid a redo if that.

I don’t think they have nothing, otherwise it would be like Vt2 where they aren’t mentioned

I remember last year :melting_face:



portrait border, obviously

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They will pat themselves on the back again for having delivered ‘massive amounts of patches’ and announce the announcement for an announcement about a possible content drop soon™


Aha. Some things never change.

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I like the screenshot as they had a typo in Darktide which tells alot about FS as a company and their QA :sweat_smile:


Mark my words, the Darktide announcement is gonna be - we have something planned for this year.

AKA next week.

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Rahul Kohli realy needs to get casted in a 40k movie

darkitde :joy:

PS5 version, perhaps?

Probably not.

Like they never mentioned Ps5 in a way that made it look like it was planned. Plus crossplay and all that.

Maybe DT will soon require a PSN account :skull:

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wasnt the psn account blunder because sony is publishing the games? for some reason i doubt they could convince fatshark to completely murk their playerbase without a lot of money