I really REALLY hope theyre saving a huge mega update for the warhammer event this may

Stuff like new maps, story continuation, subclasses for all, ect. I say this because they said they wanted more subclasses by now with their original goal but I imagine with all the tyranid stuff and the highly probable Gene cult enemy, someone probably went “hey, why dont we hold all this stuff for one super update in tandem with the warhammer event?”


it would be nice, i dont see it being likely ><


If we get something it won’t be GSC, it’s way to soon and the next teased content was the Underhive and the Plaguebearers. As for after that, nothing really concrete point toward GSC

Like we know that there was content set to be released in next week’s patch. Which was transfered to the next patch (early may).

As for the Warhammer fest, i think nits more likely to end up being Sienna 4 than something for DT


At this point, my expectations with Darktide updates are so low that I’ll see dinosaur bones if I look up.

I’m not even confident that the balance patch next week will include any adjustments to make the recent nerfs just somewhat less nightmarish.

I guess the plus side is that if my expectations are that low then FatShark doesn’t have to do very much to surprise me, but hell, it never had to be this way.


They already said there will be a big content update in May.
You people are drowsy, haha.

"In the next update, which will deploy during the first week of May, we will add new penances for each class in Darktide. These penances will have targets that will be easily obtainable while encouraging more cohesive team play!
[…] achieving penances will unlock new free cosmetics for each class."
-Fatshark Catfish
Source: Community Comm-Link 13th April

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They also said crafting would be finished in December, and that there was an epic story written by Matt Ward to explore. They appear to lie often.


They also said there would be an attachments system and enemy ogryn with chain swords and power picks.


Penances are NOT a big update. Content is a big update. Something to do beyond level 30, more story. ANYTHING that makes you want to come back. I’m finding less and less reason to load the game. Rinse and Repeat is getting really old at this point.


Concept art that end up not used isn’t strange, it happen on every game


There is content tied to the penances. And maybe there will be more. We don’t know yet what else will be in there.

Maybe there will be. Game isn’t finished, new content to come every other month.


I hope there will be. But the game IS finished. It was released undercooked November 30th. They then tried to make amends for that by completing crafting…2 months after they said they would. The game is done when they marked it as released. If they add content later that’s the “live service”. I considered the game “complete” when they finished crafting.

I don’t hate fatshark and I love this game. But the way they make decisions grinds my gears. And I would know a thing or two about customer facing product design decision since I manage them for a living.

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Penance is what you do after level 30


A few friends and I have been playing almost religiously. That being said, our prayers would be answered (lolHadron) if they decide to release more content (new levels, new subclasses, new BLESSINGS)

ps - give us ways to remove weapon locks pls ty


they did no such thing, they had art of it, nowhere does it say they intended to move forward with those ideas. you’re just imagining things and getting mad with your own daydreaming.

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I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic. But lets assume you aren’t. I don’t have a problem with reduced scope to achieve launch. I am not “upset”.

The interview does, however, state that that was the plan. Its not just concept art but a reinforcing statement. You could argue nothing about that is a promise and that is fair but as a company when you make a public statement about what you’re going to do, people will (rightly) assume you’re going to do so.

Exactly this. People seeing concepts as “absolutely will be added” haven’t followed how games, or movies or books et al are created :smiley:

With this developer??

Good luck on that one.

Theres literal datamined material of subclasses in the games files.

Audio files and other new content, too. Even some code from game mechanics currently not in.

To declare this game dead is akin to walking around blind.


This makes me sad in general. Hope it happens but I doubt it. Would be a great suprise but I’m not expecting anything more than more balance/bug fixes, and at most a couple new weapons and maybe 1 new mission.