Community Comm-Link 13th April


This is Catfish, Darktide Community Manager, here with another comm-link update! We established these comm-links to answer some of the community’s questions and to give information about upcoming patches.

We will release a tiny impromptu patch next week which will implement a few changes to the vote kick system and some small balance changes. Here are some of the changes (full patch notes will be released shortly after the patch goes live):

  • Tweaked the hitzone priority for the Rashad Mk II Combat Axe.

  • M35 Magnacore Mk II Plasma Gun:

    • Venting damage now is absorbed by toughness, at a 3x rate.

    • M35 Magnacore Mk II Plasma Gun now ignores hitzone multipliers for anything not a monstrosity.

Dev Note: “This means that the M35 Magnacore Mk II Plasma Gun can now damage Bulwarks through their shield, and bodyshots on enemies will not be able to be blocked by their limbs.”

  • Added lag compensation to Pox Hound pounce attack to make it easier for players with higher ping to dodge their attacks.

  • Reduced the pause between spawns of other enemies while Pox Hounds from the Hunting Grounds condition are active on higher difficulties.

Dev Note: “Specialists and Horde spawns are no longer paused on Heresy/Damnation difficulty, resulting in a higher possibility of a mixture of spawns when a hunting grounds event is active.The intent is to provide a wider range of challenge on higher difficulties instead of forcing the same behavior every time we spawn hunting grounds hounds.”

  • Reduced melee stagger resistance on Poxbursters during their lunge animations, so that melee attacks can stagger Poxbursters more reliably.

  • Tweaked Poxbursters so that they reset their stagger immune time when they lunge at players.

  • Implemented changes to the vote kick system:

    • This will now display as a notification instead of a pop up

    • Added measures to counter players ability to spam vote kick.

In the next update, which will deploy during the first week of May, we will add new penances for each class in Darktide. These penances will have targets that will be easily obtainable while encouraging more cohesive team play! Some of the new penances you can expect to see are (these numbers might be tweaked before release, but full details will be in the patch notes!):


  • On Malice threat of higher, knock down 3 Ranged enemies using Bull Rush, 25 times.

  • On Heresy Threat or higher, hit 4 Elite or Specialist enemies with Big Boxes of Hurt, without missing an Elite or Specialist enemy with a Big Box of Hurt, 5 times.


  • On Malice Threat or higher, kill 1000 enemies with Melee Attacks whilst at at least 3 stacks of Martyrdom.


  • On Malice Threat or higher, kill 100 Elite or Specialist enemies with Brain Burst while at maximum Warp Charges.


  • On Malice Threat or higher, kill 100 enemies that are over 25 meters away.

  • On Heresy Threat or higher, kill 2 Elite or Specialist enemies during a single volley fire, 50 times

In addition, achieving penances will unlock new free cosmetics for each class. Here is a sneak peak of just 2 of the cosmetic sets you will be able to earn (to be clear, there are more than 2 cosmetic sets this is just a small tease for the upcoming release):




Listen, i dont wanna continue beating this dead horse.

But can we get any info on the blessing/perk locks issue, just give us a straight answer, are they staying or not?


That sounds great!

Plasma fix - hooray!
Dog-fix - hooray!
New cosmetics in combination with penances that don‘t hurt your team - hooray!


The only thing I care about tbh

that and a better gore update

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Locks aside, there are some nice stuff in this update.



I’m not big on switching venting to toughness, but ignoring hit zones is interesting.

I wanted to see some ammo adjustments for plasma mainly since that’s the main reason I stopped running it, but this might be enough for me to put another 30 or so games into my favorite weapon.

@FatsharkCatfish Does “ignore hitzone” mean we will no longer get bonus damage on weakspot hits on non-monstrosity enemies?


Maybe it will just work like the voidstrike staff, pop a shot off at headheight and watch a line of enemies just eat a plasma blast to the face.

Tweaked the hitzone priority for the Rashad Mk II Combat Axe

Any chance you can also look at the same issues on other weapons like chainswords and everything ogryn?


I love the continued support and development of this game, but so long as the developers refuse to address the issues that are strangling it alive, none of it matters, the ratings will stay low and very few people will have the energy to play.
The unnecessarily punishing and random locked nature of the crafting system is seriously utmost priority if this game is to survive and thrive, there is absolutely no reason to torture your players for their time like this, especially not considering it is the primary reward system in the game right now (cosmetics for achievements is a very good direction as well though!).


Remove locks that’s the only important issue right now at hand.


This isn’t like the biggest deal and we’ll progress towards this ‘naturally’ anyway but stacking Martyrdom as a playstyle isn’t really viable the way it was on V2 Zealot and we’re gonna end up with a bunch of people griefing their health pool to farm this.


I really hope so. Playing voidstrike is an absolute blast for this reason.

Thank you @FatsharkCatfish for more updates.
However can you tell us that there are talks about shared resources and locks?
This topic is systematically avoided at all times, yet it is THE NUMBER 1 feedback since december


Please talk about locks, shared resources, and the progression system’s reliance on RNG in general. This is the make-or-break issue for me and likely thousands of other players, and would probably push your rating to positive on Steam should it be finally ameliorated.


Excellent tweaks!

I appreciate the fixes to poxhounds and poxbursters especailly. They’ve become deeply annoying.

The plasma gun may become usable with just these changes.

Doesn’t this mean the plasma gun also cannot headshot?


I think they are talking about hitzone that stack on the same hitbox, not the hit damage multiplayer.
So head shot are still headshot, and hitting someone arm then head would also now be a headshot. I think.


Thanks for the Rashad!!!



About penance… great to see new cosmetics…
but… can you tell us when you will release more in the shop? thanks


Haha I was waiting for your reply!

I can’t share an ETA on the premium cosmetic store right now, but I will as soon as I can.


removal of blessing lock when