Community Comm-Link 27th July 2023


This is Catfish, Darktide Community Manager, here with another comm-link update.

The comms team is back from its break and so are comm-links! Due to the summer hiatus, this edition will be shorter than usual. We will also have a slower pace of Comm-links for the foreseeable future, to make way for more varied types of comms, such as dev blogs.

Here is what you can expect for the coming weeks on Darktide:

  • On August 3rd, we will publish a Dev Blog focusing on upcoming changes in Patch #12 (1.1.20), giving you an in-depth look at our plans for account based currencies, perk refinements, adjustments to crafting locks and options on the mission board.

  • In the first half of August we will be releasing Patch #12 alongside its patch notes.

See you next week for the Dev Blog!


Glad to see these topics finally addressed this way.

That said, it would have been nice to see this addressed a few months ago.
These have been hot issues since release (or since the crafting update) and they should have been addressed within days or weeks, not after more than 7 months.


Just tell us the locks are going or staying, dont give me false hope

Selectable missions now, don’t jerk us around

also gore update cheers


slower than none?


I hope “adjustments to crafting locks” means removing them entirely, they’re such a bad mechanic and disrespect players time and effort.

Account wide currencies sounds good, much better then splitting them up per character.


Glad that at least the hotfix for Intel Arc is coming. Annoying tho we didnt get any update from the post :slight_smile: Well next time say its gonna take way longer than 4 weeks please.

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Huge! i just hope the lock stay and the rest get fix, anyway good intel and hype for the next update ^^


So we’re gonna go to patch spaced more than 1 month apart ?


“comms-link will be at a slower pace for the foreseeable future”
Does this also apply to content updates and ACTUAL patches?

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Please let this be the locks breaking.

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Sounds very encouraging so far.

Alright. See you next week. That dev blog will probably determine whether or not I reinstall the game - if there’s a way to break locks, I’ll actually have a reason to play again.


ok, nice


It was in the last comms link too, so this is more empty hand waving. ‘What’ is not a plan. ‘How’ isn’t even really a framework.


For sure, we are late on the uptake here!
Going forward I hope we are able to address community issues in a more timely manner, and with more clarity - more dev blogs might be the key to this.


“adjustments to crafting locks”

Remove them. Remove them. Remove them. Remove them. Remove them. Remove them. Remove them. Remove them. Remove them. Remove them. Remove them. Remove them. Remove them. Remove them. Remove them. Remove them. Remove them.

Also, please, please please don’t make the maps last less than 24 hours after rolling off the mission board. Currently ManyMoreTry is the ONLY way for us to bypass your abhorrent design decisions. Whatever vague “adjustments” you plan on making, I am begging you not to take the modded option away from us.

It is literally the only way to play the game, and I have absolutely 0 trust that the “adjustments” you are bringing to the game are what it and its players need, complete choice over mission, difficulty, and modifiers selection.

I have an entire group of friends currently not playing the game because hi shock has disappeared off the board for more than 24 hours.

Fatshark, the road ahead to make the big bad orange review color blue is extremely simple.

Remove locks.
Let us pick maps, difficulty, and modifiers at will.
Make the hitreg clientside.
Bring back the fix that allowed mutants and dogs to be dodgeable.


[quote]On August 3rd

Say the line, Bart

In all seriousness tho, if y’all are actually addressing these issues then good. It took seven months of complaining and you guys were forced not to do your jobs.

So long as we actually hear something positive from all of it. I’m withholding judgement until we actually see the devpost talking about all of this. So far, FS has been so poor about their communicative track record that I refuse to believe we’re gonna get told good news until I see it.


These are all the biggest pain the community has been yelling about. So it’s great to see these issues acknowledged and to hear that plans for changes are in motion.

The devil is in the details of course. How these are improved also matters of course, and hopefully feedback from the community to next weeks (ha!) dev diary will be considered.

If these issues get addressed meaningfully, aside from the lack of substantive new content (sub-classes and new map tilesets when?) I do think the game will finally be in a “good” spot game system wise.

Fingers crossed.


It’s about damn time! Haha

This honestly should have been addressed in a couple of months at most from when the crafting update happened. It’s been a huge blemish on a rather fun game, being completely unable to affect crafting other than just random dice rolls, and if the dice says no, then your weapon is completely useless, you should just throw it in the trash and start over again.

I won’t say that I trust the dev team with the term “adjustments” being thrown around, since we need more than just tweaks to crafting, it needs to be full on changed to remove the locks, or provide some way to change the locks. I wouldn’t mind having to pay some diamantine to unlock the locks, but let us actually take a weapon we like and craft something good out of it, rather than just “whoops, items garbage now” because RNG said so.

Also, give us something to spend diamantine on. It’s just sitting there, doing nothing while I accrue ever more of it.

I agree with Telopots:
Remove the locks
Let us pick missions - this one is an absolutely pivotal game population killer as it stand currently
Fix hit registration - There are SO many ghost hits happening where I get a headshot marker and noise, but the enemy takes no damage
Fix dog dodging - it’s better than it was, but it’s still janky and unreliable

Also, fix dog ai so it doesn’t randomly spin at mach 5 and randomly delay its pounce


Am I taking crazy pills or is this not the same can kicking down the road from the June 15th update? Come on guys.