The crafting system is painful

So I had put the game down for a bit as the crafting system wasn’t finished and I wanted to toy around with it. I boot up the game do a few matches and go to the shop then shrine. So…
I mean…

Alright look let me get this straight and feel free to correct me on any of this.
Let’s say I want a weapon. For this example we’ll use a Force Sword. I’ve got one with Unstable Power and and more importantly Exorcist.
So I want a Force Sword. To get a sword even remotely near what I want I need to.

  1. Buy Force Swords : It took me 20 purchases just to get a decent 340 one with modifiers in a spread that complements my playstyle
  2. Consecrate the item once: If you get the 1 of the 2 perks you would like on the weapon out of like 16
  3. ** Conscrecate the item again**: If you get 1 of the 2 blessing you would like on the weapon, which in this case is out of 12, go on. Otherwise restart
  4. Fully upgrade the weapon
  5. Claim Blessing: Which requires you to Permanently Destroy the weapon claimed for One blessing on said weapon.
  6. Re-bless the weapon getting rid of the second blessing with the one you actually want.
  7. Refine the item : Spam that button for anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes (or significantly longer if you want a tier 4 perk) minutes until you get the other perk you would like

Repeat for every weapon you’d want to use.

Have I missed something? Excluding mmo’s I’ve dropped in the past I don’t think I’ve ever bounced off of a system as hard as I’ve bounced off of this weapon system.
I’m sure some of you folks like it so I’ll just assume I’m not the target audience for this videogame.


That’s all correct. The crafting and itemisation is an active detriment to the decent core gameplay (though not to say there isn’t some polishing that can be done with that too).

Actually, almost everything outside of actually playing the game in a mission have some serious structural, design and user experience issues.

There’s no-one in this forum that likes it, there are some defenders, but the most common reason I hear that some people use to kinda defend it is that they’d rather Fatshark prioritise content over spending more dev time to try to “fix” itemisation.


Crafting has stopped me from playing this game. Uninstalled until it respects my time.

Ps- curios are way worse.


i used the re-bless mod and it took 568 tries to get a perk I wanted on a curio. That was the longest streak so far, but the fact that it can even happen is ridiculous.


For them to add a currency that only drops 1 from monstrosities would be good to allow for blessing or perk would be good. This way you avoid people going mad over the RNG, and they can reliably play to undo it. Capping the currency at 10 held, and requirement to spend at least 3 for perk unlock, maybe 5 for blessing unlock, would make it so players don’t become set for life because they play a lot banking the currency.

Please get the automatic reroll mod because the perk reroll feels like a grief without it, but it’s currently just poor design. I feel bad for you not using it.

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Actually you can stop at this part if one of the blessings is one that you want(because it’s probably at low level that needs to be replaced anyway, and it prevents a higher level one from appearing, obviously).

Which goes to further show how bad the system is.


Besides (what I hope) was some very obvious bait I don’t think I’ve seen anyone in defense of the cradting system lol.


Tbh, I really think that:

  • they should raise the min global modifiers for weapon of Brunt’s armoury to 340 when you’re level 30
  • there should have a system that grant you a 360+ weapon after 10 purchases and a 370+ guarenteed after 20
  • you should be able to buy plasteel diamantine with ordos
  • you should be able to exchange plasteel and diamantine
  • you should be able to dismantle weapons to get plasteel diamantine
  • you should be able to upgrade a locked blessing (but not changing it)

If all of this was here… the system would be perfect for me.


With all the various bugs and lackluster content concerning blessings, curios, curio blessings and whatnot, I’m actually starting to feel like it’s a mixed bag. Atleast the vast majority of players can’t and certainly wont bother to really experiment in a meaningfull way to know just HOW BAD all the systems are.


I bought around 700,000 energy sword gold for my Sharpshooter. So about 65 energy swords. Only 7 of them were above 365ilvl. I upgraded all 7 to legendary rank. I didn’t even get an R4 in the blessings. Not one ! Losing 700,000 gold and 8,000 - 9,000 plasteel is really bad for farming.


The best thing is: You can try again and have no guarantee to have better luck! This is Fatshark Player Agency.


Go ahead, I’m going back to crying. However it’s a shame… I have hundreds of hours on the first vermintide, the 2nd I don’t talk about it I must be at 3000h. In short, the first vermintide had a much better system than the second. But the second one was still fine. But there, they did so much worse! There is no pleasure. Last time I reloaded an R4 enchantment for 26 minutes! 26 minutes?!! But I would have had time to do an entire game in +5 more hords in 26 fckng minutes


Welcome to Fatshark doubling down on the casino gameplay formula WE WERE TOLD they would move away from. This game design is just pure gambling and reinforces addictive qualities in people.


Writing the numbers down really puts this whole fiasco into perspective.


Thanks for doing this. I know this is not what you want to hear, but 7 out of 65 is actual a good result. Also if you want to hunt for rank IV blessings (even rank 3) I would not upgrade weapons up to the legendary rank, I would stop at blue rarity. I usually just check for them in the Melk’s shop on all my characters, as blessing blueprints are account wide, not locked to the character. Out of I don’t know how many items I improved myself I only got ONE rank IV blessing.


It is most efficient to only claim blessings from blue upgraded weapons, Emperor’s gifts, and Sire Melk’s shop items.
Do not fully upgrade and then claim.

Also, there’s a mod that refines an item for you.

While advise about the crafting system is ofcourse great and helpful, I personally think learning the quirks of a actively bad system so it’s a bit less bad is not worth it. I tried to get engaged again last week and completed Melk’s quests for three characters. I got some more numbers on my weapons, but nothing that would feel impactfull, nothing that I’d really even care about. Some of blessings seem to be great and possibly gamechanging, but since chasing them is purely based on luck and pretty damn hard rolls too, I bounced completely off. Checking the forums and seeing so many posts about blessings not even doing what the description says/outright bugged really doesn’t help.


Im still deeply convinced that they played with the system for maybe an hour or two at the most.

There is no way a human used this system for more than that and said “yes I like this, surely this won’t get really irritating by the 100 hour mark”.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I haven’t really played since maybe a day or two after the update which added the resources alerts and the crafting system is why. That was maybe 4 games then back to other games once I got the Bolter from Malk’s I wanted.

It’s just not a good system. There are far too many traps that ruin a weapon and waste time with no actual way to fix it and the ratio for upgrading a weapon paying off is really bad.


The system is hot trash garbage that spontaenously bursts into flames when i look at it and offends my senses.

Its bad. Really bad. So bad that i hate it. I also think they desperately need to add some content at this point before they revisit the slots machine, i mean crapting system, i mean crafting system. Lets be honest. We are here for the sick gameplay and its really lacking in variety.


I would love to hear Fatshark’s informed opinion about what are the chances of a player getting a specific weapon with let’s say 360+ base score, and then getting a specific perks and blessing combination on said weapon. I believe someone (on Reddit?) tried to calculate those chances and it looks like we are all better off just playing a lottery. I write this as a person who initially dismissed people complaints about not being able to get a weapon with a specific base score. These combinations of weapons stats don’t matter…until they do becasuse you would like to reach specific breakpoints and specific perk/blessings combos. You know to check out different build possibilities, as poor as they are.

Fatshark were told over and over again Vermintide players dislike with passion the RNG. They claimed they heard us, and yet they opened yet another casino.