Crafting new gear is so anoying

Just look at this
I had to buy the weapon 52 times to get one with over 370 rating.
Now there’s no multi select or insta discard, so for every single trash one I need to do the stupid fill a circle to discard thing, since the auto-discard option of the mod is currently broken.
This is just pure tedious, please change this, I’d rather collect dust again like in VT2.


Copied you here^


Crafting is really not a problem.

Problem is:

  • getting enough material, and at 30 min per mission (damnation) for 800 plasteel, it can hurt
  • Brunt. This feature was introduced to supply the shop and be a good alternative (see patch notes about this, Brunt was meant to be the normal way to craft a weapon).

In fact, the main problem is to get a good base weapon, something close to impossible via Brunt.
And waiting that the shop propose you to buy a weapon 375+ with a good distribution happens… but you have to wait and check hourly.
Brunt was a good idea, poorly implemented. They need to fix it. I proposed several ways to mitigate the RNG from Brunt. I don’t care of what they think could correct it, if they pick one solution.
I have ceased to use Brunt for a long time.
I get all what I want… but waiting for the shop to propose what I want to play with, is really painful. And there are no other option, as Brunt, even with spending 500k, won’t give you something good. You will surely get decent weapons, but getting a good one has low chances and excellent (378-380 with good distribution) is close to impossible.

Brunt is part of crafting.



I mean the odds to get a good weapon, when crafting a good base weapon, are good enough.
However, getting a good base weapon is what it hurts…

This is the point that makes crafting painful as the quality of a weapon is linked to the odds to get a T4 blessing.

The problem is made even worse though as perhaps (like in my cases, a total of 74 purchases) both of the weapons with 370+ base rating had a bad damage modifier (59% and 61%), so they still ended up being trash as they are not the modifier I don’t care about, which means I have to buy even more.

It’s a bit weird to defend that a player having to buy over 52+ times the item for a good quality one, and then still have a chance of it being bad due to the weapon modifiers, that’s not player-friendly.

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this works a lot better than brunts, not defending anything in the item system. but you can view the contents of the store + buy them without launching it. most of the time there is nothing good in the store anyway.

which is why I would rather have the ability to reroll brunt’s hourly inventory instead, at this point I’d take anything. in fact less garbage weapons in the game overall make me want to cast a wide net to build more. bring me your autoguns and tactical axes. I will point out that this was one of many mined NPC functions that hasn’t been used for whatever reason. Peddler is there, let us bribe him to display something else. let us bribe him to view the stuff we missed. anything to gather the lottery tickets en masse you’re required to play.

or just break the locks and not have player inventories in the hundreds/thousands of items despite only having like 30~ gear options for the humans and 18~ for ogryn.

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Or you can just get a weapon in 350+ range with good stats distribution, and it would be very largely the same as 370+.

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I’ve been buying weapons up to at most 20 and I want to say my average is less than 330. Being max level I wish the minimum was 340 but nope. Takes like 1 hour (two ~30min missions) to fully upgrade a weapon.

Kinda hoping we can convert diamantine to plasteel like vermintide 2’s blue to green dust. Well, if the limited resource wasn’t plasteel next would be dockets for me.

Stop it already.
We have had this discussion countless times.
You are not an enlightened person who sees the actual issue while everyone else falsely focuses their attention on crafting itself.

The amount of ressources we get, is not the issue.
Even if we got an infinite amount of ressources, the crafting system would still suck.
It would still feel absolutely terrible to interact with.

There would still be
No rewarding system.
No way to actually grind for anything.
No progression.
No way to adjust items to balance changes.

None of these things would be solved by getting more mats or better chances at brunt.

The rng with no way of getting anything with certainty, is the issue.


Yes we did…

same for you.

Stop it. You are not an enlightened person that detains the truth.
I have even build statistics about crafting high quality weapons (and thanks for the correction).
This show that, if we had more material and a way to get a good base weapon, we can EASILY get an excellent weapon.

Last stats

But… FS decided that you will need 2 - 3 missions to craft only one weapon, and that Brunt will never give you an excellent base weapon (ok, I exaggerate, you should get one each 2 - 3 millions ordos).
If these 2 problems are solved, crafting system is good enough.

I would like also a way to refresh shops. But I would also like to see Brunt “fixed”. Cause this is really a good idea… they have just failed when implementing it as they did not mitigate, at all, the RNG from Brunt.

Brunt’s is a bare-bones reimplementation of a feature from previous games that has a even less thought out implementation (in terms of player satisfaction or agency) tuning.

But even if that got improved, you still have to wade through another 5 layers of RNG. There’s still too much RNG with the stat distribution, and even though higher rating may mean generally higher tier of perks/blessings, most of the time you get junked at the blue level anyway. There’s still too little control over what you get when you consecrate.


it very much is part of the problem


(oddly appropriate name/post combo)

Chasing the highest number will bring you pain. This isn’t a “crafting is fine” post, just a suggestion to spare yourself the time/effort of getting the “perfect” weapon, which likely won’t provide a meaningful difference in gameplay versus a low-rating alternative. Spend the materials on trying other things or stockpile for future updates.

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I can’t exactly back up this claim with hard evidence since it’s entirely anecdotal, but I have the sneaking suspicion that the odds have further deteriorated with each other new patch. On my main, I’m seeing a staggering amount of 30X base ratings. Even some from the armory directly.

At this point in the post-release stages, that goes beyond bad game design, and almost just seems like it’s just spite from the respective dev team that we won’t come around to it. I’m only half joking too.


I could also make a “crafting is fine” argument, but it’s already beaten to death.

I’d rather play the game for fun and have an option to get a lucky gear upgrade as opposed to crafting perfect gear and playing the game (still for fun), but without any further chances for a gear upgrade.

However, there are people preferring exactly otherwise, and so the forum wars around crafting will continue.

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Was putting off buying the game due to the RNG, but my friends finally convinced me.

The RNG is SO BAD. It feels awful.

Having more than one character doesn’t make any sense at all with this system. Am I supposed to just spam log all of my characters to RNG get something decent in a shop?

Another thing I don’t see people speaking about enough, is how you have to sprint around wasting Stamina, looking at the floor, for mats. It’s really tedious and disrupts the flow of the match.

It’s also frustrating seeing other people ignoring mats, etc.

There has to be a better system than that.

Would also be nice to see extra mats or something for killing the Daemonhost, or Bosses.

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If you’re not bothered by it, changes to it won’t harm your gameplay.

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Wat. I literally just wrote “I would rather <…>”. That clearly indicates preference, no?

Yes, but the way it was written seemed like you wasn’t much interested in that aspect of the game anyway.