Spending 500K on brunt

Spending 500K on brunt should yield a better result that only 5 weapons that have 365+ rating, and the rolls were bad, so I just wasted 500K for nothing, I don’t want “perfect” rolls, I just wish the rating was higher so I would have a better chance of getting the stat rolls I want, then after that comes hadorn ofcourse, that’s a whole other obstacle on the road to getting the desired weapon.


I’ve got over a thousand hours in the game. I want perfect rolls. A good in-game economy should eventually have an end, a point where a player has progressed enough that they barely have to interact with it.

If I spend 500k on a car in real life, I get the car I bought to exact specifications, and if it’s defective, it’s covered under warranty. It doesn’t randomly roll horsepower and torque.


Wouldn’t that be funny? “My Beetle just rolled 500 horse power” but I lost on my fuel stat a little …


Car is not a game. Darktide is a game.
There are games, in which certain items are random. And the gameplay loop to get those certain items - is the core of the game.

Like Diablo series. Where you kill same boss over and over and over again. In hopes to get item you want. With stats you want.

Or borderlands games. Where you kill same boss over and over and over again. In hopes to get item you want. With stats you want.

You “wanting” something - doesnt mean you must get it without any effort. Or get it at all.

You seen what this game is. And how it’s like. Brunt system was there from launch. Conscrate system was expanded with tiers, yes. But core principle still there.
Game told you “it has rng” and you bought this game. And now complain about rng.

And funniest part, even if this game gave you god-roll weapons - it still wouldnt make you a good player. Nor does it matters. Nor does it gives significant increase in power.

2 videos. With 2 guns. Spending 2 magazines into some specials. Same build. Answer yourself honestly, do you see the difference?

You dont need god-rolls.
You want it? Who cares what you want.
I want to oneshot fullhp damnation plague ogryn with my thunderhammer. It is technically possible. Is it worth doing? No.
Same thing with weapons. You got perfect weapon? Good. Be happy about that. You didnt got it? Who cares. A semi-decent weapon will do just fine. 5-10% effeciency difference wont play any role.

P.S. honestly, i’d rather make crafting system even more tedious. With more tiers and levels of improving. So it, at least, worth my time trying to upgrade gun. And not run around with some 350 stat gun with tier 2-3 perks and blessings.


You have no idea what are you talking about lol. Arpg itemization, gear progression and grind loop has nothing common with DT. Go play POE and come back.

Who cares what you want.
Who cares.

People with some variety gaming expirience who’ve seen some good itemization perhaps, but not someone who just heard about diablo, clearly.

Cool story. Name boss in DT, who has ~5% to drop 375 gun with guarantee vs flak and maninac affixes, and unique blessing.

Maybe there is some loot pinata? Like plague ogryn drops 5 items?

Is there armor stats? Sockets? Maybe some difficulty that is gearlocked no matter player skill lvl? Npc/faction reputation, quest reward? Maybe you have control over maps like in POE? So you can choose what to play and grind?

Oh yeah, there are gamblers in arpg, but it’s not a main gear source, it’s jut to fill the gap in your build, meanwhile in DT it is a core thing in gear progression.

DT isn’t a gear-focused game, it’s a side and secondary system, so having such level of grind has no justification, except showing investors how much player spend in the game on average.

Yeah exactly, why did they spend time on the system that doesn’t bring excitement and joy to a player, instead of making something good, such a question!

So when players ask why is this system frustrating, why they should interact with it and ask about imrpoving it, you are sayin “don’t interact with it” lol.

Imagin saying this about every aspect of the game.


Full auto weapons aren’t breakpoint dependent, but precision builds are. A single point of damage can mean the difference between a one and two shot kill, which is literally a 100% increase in TTK. For people with an excess of 1000 hours into a game, this is bad design. Full stop.


Welcome #495. Added you and your thread.
It is truly a horrendous system. No one likes spending time feeling like their time is wasted.

If the mean of using RNG takes 400 hours to get something, for example, it’s much better to have a deterministic system that slowly gets you there, guaranteed after those 400 hours.


i spended 5+ Million to have 1-2 ok Weapons for each class and with some finally not even what i really wanted.


I could be fun to “request a specific weapon with 380 stats”
It would cost 500k of ordo (or lets go with a bloody 1 minion of ordo)
But you would get a 100% 380 weapon of your choice

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they tell you when you unlock brunt’s store that he doesn’t have the best stuff. that’s not the point of brunt he’s there so you have access to a new gun as soon as you unlock it if you’re interested.

then go and play those games. Darktide doesnt need good itemization. The core gameplay is horde killing. Items doesnt matter. Having god rolls doesnt matter.
Consecration is there just as something to do. Because game is objectively underdeveloped. So at least it’s a side activity for people, who interested in it. You wanna chase god rolls? Go ahead, do it. Just dont expect it to be fast or reliable. It’s a gamble. And you willingly participate in that.
Or you crying in casino too, that gambling machine doesnt give you jackpot? that if you spend 500k there you must win a 1mil jackpot?

It’s called Brunt. And there is also a boss named Melk. There also rewards from the missions. You play game. You get rewards. You dont even need to sit there and farm one specific boss over and over again. You can just play the game and get rewards. You got great gun? Cool. You didnt recieved great gun? Who cares, you had fun PLAYING the game. Not FARMING one boss over and over again.

if it’s a side secondary system (he-he, SSS) - then why you participate in it? It’s not mandatory. It’s not affecting your gameplay. It’s not required to complete the game.
Furthermore why you crying about it on forums. It’s bad system, i’m not arguing with that. But because it’s a bad system - i dont use it. I dont waste millions ordo buying grey weapons. I dont waste tens of thousands plasteel to consecrate them into god-rolls. I dont cry about wasting 500k on Brunt.

you know system is bad → you still go and interact with it → your interaction goes bad → you cry on forums, that it’s bad.
wow, who would’ve thought, that something, that is bad - turns out to be bad? Incredible!

If OP post was “i dont think crafting system is rewarding, engaging or worth doing. It needs a rework” - then absolutely fine. I agree with that position. I would even suggested something.


There is a difference between constructive criticizm with valuable suggestions. And crying for the sake of crying because you are frustrated that you saw rotten apple, you know rotten apples are bad, you have eaten it anyway and now your tummy hurts.

Why wouldn’t you want it fixed or changed? How does it affect you? Or are you just unwilling to let anyone get anything easier than you lucking out? How does ignoring a system that is by Fatshark’s words, “a central pillar of progression” and “a build consists of the loadout and the talents” make it better?

If it doesn’t feel bad to you, then good for you, but the system being improved for other people wouldn’t affect you in any way whatsoever if you’re ignoring it.

Criticism is not made lesser with no suggestions. That’s not our job. Feedback is feedback.


I will uncover a great truth to you. So listen carefully:
YOU ARE NOT ALONE ON MISSION. Alongside you there are 3 other rejects. With weapons. And intentions to kill enemies. Some of them can have Full Auto weapons. Some have melee. Some use warp magic. And they all target the strongest and biggest enemy that they can see.
That means you wont encounter a scenario. Where you and your team are fighting pack of crushers. And those crushers are fullhp.
Which means you dont need to have a oneshot breakpoint against them, because they not fullhp.

if you are playing True solo - ok. Your claim is valid. But you are not playing True Solo. You have no skill to play True Solo. Neither will you ever will be able to consistently solo clutch carry Auric Damnations, yet alone Maelstorms.

You’re right. It’s not like I have video proof of doing just that on numerous occasions or anything.

It’s not like my most recent YouTube upload is an Auric Maelstrom triple clutch carry.


ok, so what? You suffered from lack of breakpoints there? Was your “one-shotting crushers” revolver saved you? Or were you playing something absolutely braindead as knife zealot?
Even if you played a veteran, with a revolver, builded into one-shotting crushers. And that was a reason you clutched. It’s not god-roll weapon that made it possible. It’s player’s skill.
So once again, reaching breakpoints DOESNT MATTER.

Moreover it actually hurts your effeciency. As now revolver, capable of oneshotting crushers, deals MASSIVE overkill damage to other enemies. Resulting in loss of potential effeciency.

building weapon to able to clutch once per 10 missions - isnt worth it. Nor it’s effective.

This person is full of it. They are hyper critical of people’s builds on other threads and have claimed before that builds must be just so to compete in high difficulty but when it comes to weapons and gear it’s “psssh anything is fine git gud.”


I mean, at the core he isn’t too wrong.

Proper talent picks and synergies are bigger gains, than the difference between a decent 365 roll and a 380 godroll (granted that both have ideally T3 and T4 versions of the important Blessings and the important attributes at high level).

That said, he certainly can make his point without going into a rant about it.


It’s one thing if they were just giving their experience, but every time they respond to topics like this, they always have put down the OP and anyone agreeing with the OP with some hilariously bad takes.

I hope they reflect that their experience isn’t everyone else’s experience and that even a good game can have bad parts and that, in fact, Fatshark did say that there would be less RNG and repetition in the itemisation but turns out that was a work-in-progress at best and lies at worst.


Crafting system sucks. It sucks mroe because of the plasteel shortage.

Can you do fine with less? Sure, but let me dial it in. I’ve built AR-15s out of chosen parts (barrel, upper, lower, trigger assembly, all of it from different makers… this is the golden age of the custom AR) for less investment then it took me to get a pretty danged good trauma staff assembled.

And none of my weapons are perfect. Good certainly. All my toons have good weapons, not one is perfect.

Hell, just getting the blessings assembled to have a good workbench is a danged oddessy because to roll you need a decently rolled starter weapon, a ton of plasteel, and then you have to give up that decently rolled weapon to extract the blessing so you can get it for use later!

But that would all be okay if we could just get enough plasteel to keep the process going smooth. If you don’t have a ton of hours for the game you’ll never get there, and even if you do, you have to have a starter weapon that ends up with at least two useable things in the perks/blessings and the right level on the stat rolls.

It’s a bit too much.

Let us do a little more, like move ‘first target’ into ‘mobility’ or ‘damage’ to ‘ammo’ and give us plasteel when we trash/turn in/grind a weapon.


Local man who never played ratclicker makes awful post, news at 11.