Dev Blog: Crafting in Darktide

Shrine of the Omnissiah

By now, many of you have fiercely proven your worth to the crew of the Mourningstar and have been rewarded with an ever-growing arsenal of weapons and curios drawn from Grendyl’s armoury.

But how can you customise those weapons to better suit the demands of Atoma’s gruelling war zones? Hadron Omega-7-7, the Mourningstar’s resident Tech-Priest, is ready - if not quite eager and willing - to provide her technical expertise to those Rejects who have earned the warbands’ trust.

The Shrine of the Omnissiah can be found on board the Mourningstar. Here, you can upgrade and modify your weapons and curios … so long as you have the necessary resources to do so. Hadron requires two resources to perform her labours: Plasteel and Diamantine. These resources can be salvaged from Tertium - the more dramatic the customisation and the rarer the weapon, the more Plasteel and Diamantine you’ll need.

You will have access to five actions as part of the crafting systems at the Shrine: Consecrate, Earn Blessing, Combine Blessings, Re-Bless, and Refine Item.


Consecrating a weapon or curio increases its sanctity in the eyes of the Emperor, improving its effectiveness, and adding a random Perk or Blessing, depending on the item type and its new sanctity level.

Earn Blessing

You may also choose to surrender a weapon to Hadron in exchange for a Votive Offering dedicated to one of the weapon’s Blessings. This allows you to extract the Blessings you are interested in from weapons you no longer want, and collect them for use with the Combine or Re-Bless actions.

Combine Blessings

At the Shrine you may choose to combine three Votive Offerings into a single upgraded Votive Offering. Currently, most Votive Offerings have a maximum Tier of IV, but there are some exceptions to this. We’re testing a few different options with the requirements and the results of combining these Votive Offerings.


By Re-Blessing a weapon in the Shrine, you can replace a weapon’s existing Blessing by expending a Votive Offering from your collection, further tailoring the weapon to your liking. The weapon gains the Blessing associated with the chosen Votive Offering -he original Blessing is lost in the process.

Refine Item

To refine your weapon and curios, Hadron takes your item and attempts to scour away the corrosion and damage of its long use, uncovering its true nature and altering its strengths. In game, these strengths take the form of the item’s Perks. Accordingly, each time you Refine an item, one Perk is discarded in favour of another, random Perk uncovered by Hadron’s repairs. Multiple refinements on the same item attract increasing costs - the deeper a weapon’s true character lies, the harder it is to reach it.

As an example, you may choose to select the perk “Deal +10% damage to Armored enemies” on your Chainsword for refinement and in its stead Hadron replaces it with “Increase Melee Critical Strike Chance by 2%”.

At the heart of it

By now we expect you have experienced or heard about the first crafting feature available in Darktide, Consecration. We also hope this blog gives you a glimpse of the broader crafting system(s) and the depth of customising your weaponry and loadout for the perfect playstyle you wish to engage with. At the heart of this is the Blessing extraction and Re-Blessing functionality, where you can collect and swap out Blessings in order to customise the different combination of weapons you wish to experiment with.

We have learned a lot from our previous choices and gameplay surrounding crafting offered within the Vermintide series. For Darktide we wanted to take those lessons to expand and improve in such a way that crafting would become a central pillar of player progression, while giving more impact and agency to you, the player in your preferred playstyle.

The nature of randomization and repetitive actions sometimes seen within crafting is something that we are steering to avoid in the crafting system within Darktide. Meaningful choices will be made with strategy and goals behind them, as you set your eyes upon that perfect combination of melee and ranged weapons for your class.

Additionally, the crafting resources found within Darktide are now acquired in a completely different way than the Vermintide series. We opted to add these directly into missions as pickups to reward exploration, as well as rewards for completion of some specific objectives. We believe that this feels on theme to have players collecting these resources in the world, so keep your eyes peeled. You can currently find small and large caches of both Plasteel and Diamantine.

In closing, we hope you enjoyed this look into Darktide’s crafting system. We are excited to bring you the rest of the crafting features, which we’ll gradually be rolling out throughout December. And we look forward to building upon this system in the future.

Thank you for reading, and watch each other’s backs down there on Tertium.


Will there be an option to re-roll percentages or to upgrade the percentage rather than replacing it each time hoping you get a better version of the same perk?


The amount of crafting mats needs to be dramatically increased/mat prices dramatically decreased considering randomness of this system.

Yes, I am aware that we don’t yet know what pricing will look like with other subsystems, but even consecrating a weapon is expensive, considering the fact that after consecrating I might need to immediately re-bless or refine.

4 classes with different approaches & builds, a sizeable poll of weapons and trinkets. Even if I’d only like to have 2 builds for one pokemon, like hardcore BiS bleed preacher dps and then support+cc preacher, I see diamantine only lingering somewhere in 1.5-2k area.
That does not sound like fun.

Maybe adding an additional 3rd turborare crafting mat that would allow you to CHOOSE, instead of rolling forever like a jackass, not knowing if the perk/blessing you want will ever proc?

I understand that perk/secondary stat randomness contributes to “longevity” of the game, albeit I am a strong opponent of that approach. I don’t think random in that sense is fun.
Although in essence random % as dropchance and random % of acquiring a specific weapon trait at the craftsman are two of the same, psychologically they are not.

I’d rather run 100 missions for that elusive 1% dropchance epic craft mat, than would farm mats to get a couple of rolls a day, not get the perk and cry myself to sleep.

Keep up the good work, thank you for a great game.


I posted this in another thread:

I was hoping for something akin to Division 2’s system where you can slowly work towards turning a mostly decent weapon into a god-roll weapon. This is getting there with the trait repository, but it’s not far enough.

Something I noticed:

Multiple refinements on the same item attract increasing costs - the deeper a weapon’s true character lies, the harder it is to reach it.


As an example, you may choose to select the perk “Deal +10% damage to Armored enemies” on your Chainsword for refinement and in its stead Hadron replaces it with “Increase Melee Critical Strike Chance by 2%”.

Call me crazy, but I really hope that +2% Crit Chance is not the highest perk we can get. If it is… woof, that’s inconsequential and not even worth slotting. If it’s not, and we have to refine the weapon over and over and over in order to fish for a higher crit chance number, they need to remove the increasing costs associated.

Also, why aren’t we allowed to create weapons anymore off of schematics? Why do I have to hope that either the Emperor gifts me a decent weapon that I can try to (marginally) improve, or that the Armory/Sire Melk have something that’s worthy of my resources? Fatshark, are you really wanting us to sit next to the armory at the top of each hour hoping that something decent drops? Why can’t we just make it?


What I am missing from this system is a way to increase an item’s rating. If this is fixed the way it is (and random when you consecrate), that means the #1 factor for any item is its rarity, as everything else can be changed, rerolled etc, and items below a certain rarity automatically become trash in the endgame.

create weapons anymore off of schematics


I don’t see why there can’t be an actual BiS class signature item/items, we don’t really have a massive amount of perks on our classes for all them sophisticated combinations.

Let’s be honest, there will be THE META in a couple of weeks from now anyway, there is no stopping that. Some of the playstyles/traits/perks are just going to be stronger than others. Why not embracing it? There would be a clear goal for a player at least. Then in addition to that, there would be this system for you to adjust your build for additional synergy with your go-to group of players.


This is no crafting.
This is upgrading.

There are some threads in Steam and I thing reddit already, and no, just no, this does not sound like FS learned something with VT1/2.
You guys and gals just moved the RNG from chest, vaults, … to the shop(s), missions and weapons.

  • Shop(s) 1: It depends what is there, so we can buy it (especially if we want specific “blessings”)
  • Shop(s) 2: RNG with crafting. If we do not get the blessing we want, it is a reroll or buy a new one (see Shop(s)1) and pray and try again
  • Missions: We need to find resources first to have/ to be able to use them. Sometimes there are like only 2 pickups, so yeah RNG
  • Weapons: Even if we get one as an reward, it is RNG again, what the stats/ rarity/ blessings/ … are

So what did FS learn or done better than VT2? I know we still do not have all that what you talked about and mayhaps there will be more later one, but if you really pull this off this way I am sure I am not the only one who will be really disappointed.

tl;dr: This crafting systems sounds like from Vermintide 2 with extra steps.


As far as the upgrade system goes by itself, it’s what I’d want in a game like this. Being able to pull the buffs I’d like and place them on another item is nice.


can’t stay in game anymore error 2003

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This uh, well it doesn’t sound very good if I’m blunt. The high costs, low availability of resources and randomness necessitating compounding expendiature on one piece to get what you want means that there’s no good reason an intelligent player would engage with the system at all except for stripping blessings until they hit max rank and the maxish 400+ power weapons. Then you blow all the resources you’ve found until then on one to two sets of the most meta effective weapons you can find per character, with any expansion from there being eaten into by the attrition of finding the same meta weapons with better raw stat rolls in the store.

The lack of shared currency and inventories, the low incomes and high costs for crafting materials, the randomness and bad shop system are all going to compound with this to heavily disincentivise experimentation or variety in play.


Not impressed at all, especially as a long time vermintide 2 player. You seem to have kept the worst part of VT2s loot system and removed the ability to craft exactly what you want. Everyone hates open ended RNG systems with no end in sight. After years of players being frustrated with the loot system in VT2 and the difficulty of collecting all of the unique red item skins, I shouldn’t have to explain this to you.

Putting crafting materials as physical objects in the level just encourages the players to scour every single inch of the map in fear of missing out. This is in stark contrast to vermintide where you can choose whether or not to take a detour to grab books, or look for supplies in spots far off the optimal path but only if you need them badly.


the crafting is literally broken and unusable (bugged)


Does max rating exist by the way?

From what I understood it’s connected to the trust level and/or your pokemon level, right?
So, theoretically, there should be max item rating at least based on the rating itself being a poll from which main stats are distributed. You can’t get all-bars-are-full weapon, can’t you?

Even if you could, the bars don’t seem to offer much of an increase from lowest to highest. The main factor for a weapons strength is the blessings on it and if they’re relevant to your playstyle.

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Well, knowing the base damage would help me understand some of the feats.
You got a sharpshooter for example and it’s sniper feat, or preacher and emperor’s executioner.
Ranged weapons deal less damage the further away you are from the enemy by default, so how do I know what is my ranged weapons base damage? Is it the numbers I see when I poke enemy in the face with my gun or is it when I am 10 meters away from it?

If you want to be optimal and understand your class, the more info - the better.

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So many things wrong with the current trajectory of the game, I don’t even know where to start.
First we need to hit on randomness. You cannot claim to want to reduce randomness while also not letting us craft our own weapons. The Shop is a botched method to prolong progression artificially. I understand the desire to keep people progressing in order to keep them playing. It’s something all modern games are grappling with. The way to do this is not, and has never been, artificial extensions like the shop. Forcing us to wait an entire hour for the mere possibility of the item we want is not fun, or engaging, or interesting, it’s boring, tedious, and aggravating. The completely random single weapon drops after missions do not help. They are neither consistent, nor do they offer as much as VT2 crates, presumably yet again as a way to artificially prolong the grind.
The “crafting system” you’ve added is nothing of the sort. Call it an upgrade system, because thats what it is. Being able to pick the weapon type we wanted, as VT2 did with forging, would be a crafting system. This upgrade system, as is, is not bad. Being able to refine your weapon over time is interesting, and it’s requirements of breaking down other weapons to collecting the necessary blessings to get your desired perk sounds worthwhile. As it stands however, it’s also missing the critical basic ability to affect your weapon’s stats. What happens if you grab a plasma gun, spend several days consecrating it to max-rank, getting the perfect perks and traits on it, and then you suddenly find that Melk has a master-crafted plasma gun in his shop that has better hard stats than yours? What then? Give up, scrap your “perfect” plasma gun, and buy this new one to start again? Yet again, an artificial, unfun, uninteresting extension of the grind. It’s absurd that this is the only solution you’ve come to for how to prolong progression and increase player retention.
Speaking of player retention, where are the dailies? Where is this basic feature of all modern games, from mobile gacha games to MMOs to co-op shooters to AAA experiences? There is no reason to have gone to solely weeklies over dailies then to, again, prolong the grind. Ironically of course, weekly challenges will only incentivize people to finish their weeklies and then…not play anymore until they refresh. I suppose if you’re desperate to ensure long-term player retention, that might make sense, if not for the fact that not playing for such extended periods of time will only ensure more chances for the player to be distracted by other games. Not only that, but if you buy a weapon from Melk one day and the next day he has something you want far more, you’re screwed! You can’t get any more currency, because it’s all weekly!
There’s essentially so much wrong with this structure, that no amount of polishing over it with flowery descriptions of “crafting systems to come” can help. There needs to be a major restructuring of the entire system, from top to bottom. For the sake of this game’s future, and Fatshark’s bottom line, it really needs to be sooner, rather than later.


Yeah… Along with resource collection, this certainly makes me want to play game less, not more.

This system will need huge redesign to actually be interesting.


Agree with every word pretty much.

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Lmao these devs with their heads up their ass haven’t learned a SINGLE THING from 4 years of Vermintide development. RNG layered on RNG of weapon grinding, pathetic excuses for rewards from post-mission (emperor’s gift my ass it’s a white item 70% of the time you even get anything), completely obfuscated weapon stats, a new lack of scoreboards and individual player performance which I have 0 confidence they can manage to rectify as promised, the permanent endless horde bug on heresy making every high difficulty a slog to play through, and the complete failure of a dodge nerf that was torn to shreds by the VM2 community now shoehorned into this game.

Now they wanna try to appease the playerbase a bit with some shiny new menus that have only 1/4th the functionality and then hold the rest to pull the rug from under the buyers after they’ve enticed enough people to not refund heading into release. “rolling out through December” my ass. How about I roll back this purchase until I see these devs don’t ego trip more pants on head garbage updates for how they demand the game to be played rather than what’s fun.

I can just go back and play another game where you’ve already gone through 4 years of idiotic mistakes and corrected them. All these “it’s a beta just wait” white knights will disappear, and the progress of the game will be marred for years but this time without the community doing your damn jobs for you modding the game. Expect the wave of refunds on the 28th-29th and kindly go fück yourselves.


I’m still more miffed at the avaliability of weapons, had 2 force swords I couldn’t buy, got a trashy one with low power when I could buy one, the beneficent emperor handed me one almost identical to it the next round and I’ve yet to see it again. Ranked a good 100 equipment power past it.

I really miss the stacks upon stacks of weapons to dork around with from VT2.