You know things are bad when they haven’t refreshed the cosmetic shop in three weeks

You also gotta consider that it was Christmas, so I bet lots of Devs have been taken vacation after crunching through Nov/Dec. So I’m not surprised they haven’t sent an update yet. But my patience is also running lower…

Sorry but no… Christmas doesn’t last 1 month. Enough with this excuse.
They run a business.

In my work, it I argue that it was Christmas so I did not work at all one month… Guess what ? I will not get my salary for this month.

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Last update was Dec 27th. So no, it was not “a month”. Stop being overdramatic! Sometimes an Employee takes 2-3 weeks vacation. Sometimes half a team does that. To the Devs, it’s just a job and it should be. No need to work yourself to death for entitled wimps like you!


some of the people complaining about the shop not refreshing are the people who purchase any cosmetic without even looking at the price, i dont understand how someone could spend the same amount of money that could finance a car, on a game every month

You should edit this out no need for that…

and btw they did have a long Christmas break apparently in their country they can get away with that. Its the rest of us poor saps that don’t get a proper Christmas holiday imo. Either way they are late and have not let us know what’s going on which is bad no matter how you slice it.

November… they said they would give us crafting system in… december.
We are mid january…

27 days ago… Dec 21, '22 1:40 PM and not dec 27th as you said.
Note this is a hotfix…

25 days ago… holidays are finished.

When news ? this post is 27 days ago. Again, holidays are finished.

This was the last week…
Three Kings Day ends the january 6th.

So when will they speak to us ?
As I said, I would be happy if they just speak the truth and tell us that don’t give a f…k of what we think or are disappointed with and that we won’t have an update for the next 6 months.
All what I want is a clear communication and something that they will respect. If they don’t plan to keep their “live service”, fine… they tell it to us, the game dies and we can move to something else.


Pretty sure that’s how everyone left on the forums reddit and in game is feeling.

This could also indicate they care more about our opinions than money? Why so grim?

I’ll believe it when I see it.

All of the previously released sets are on there, so I guess I am confused. Do you guys want new cosmetics? I don’t understand. I thought we were upset with all the cosmetics being bought in the first place. There is no rotation anymore. They are on there.

The premium shop is probably programmed to rotate out the third page when introducing new cosmetics, like they said they would in community update #6, and they’ve put a pause on it updating while trying to talk sense into whatever fool wants there to be a rotation in the first place. I can only imagine the unholy fury that would have come if two weeks ago the shop rotated out a page of cosmetics combined with everything else.

Originally it didn’t have any additional pages, they only added extra pages for the previous weeks after they received pushback on the initial design of only selling one set per week with no clear answer as to when a set would be available again after it’s gone.

Yeah and in the community update post when they implemented that change they stated that their NEW design was to have 3 pages, with the oldest page rotating out for new content with a 24 hour warning timer popping up on the items.

Yeah, I don’t think they’ve landed on their final design vision yet. For a lot of things.

Someone wisely put a pause on that plan before it kicked off an entirely new firestorm of people confused by them not REALLY removing the Fomo systems at all

I hope they can turn the ship around faster than total war 3

Did Total War 3 turn its ship around? lol I’m not convinced.

Nope, Even the ME release was lackluster, for me. and it has double the players than darktide atm :frowning:

Honnestly their communication is bull@##@.
The crafting system is surely not the best, but it would perfectly does the job. Only problem was refining that was blocking a perk (simple fix would be to make refining have a constant cost in diamantine and plasteel).
Shop… several have proposed things to fix it. What I’ve prefered it is the refresh after a mission successfull.
The contracts, well I proposed something that would be better, replacing the sytem by a counter of what you killed, how many missions you did etc…
Well, there’s no need to change entire plans… That’s why I think it is bull@##@ to cover the fact they have to work on the console port.

Please tell me where you can finance a care for $15 a month, that’s incredible!! Hooo boy, daddy’s getting some new wheels.