So in "Refine Item" of Crafting we will be able to reroll only ONE perk in our weapons and curios and rest will be blocked? WHY? Why are you trying to make that game so RNG grindy?! Why Vermintide 2 did it so much better?

Seriously? So

  1. Not only I need to find weapon I want
  2. Not only I need to find weapon variant I want
  3. Not only I need to find good roll of that
  4. Now I also have to find that weapon with ONE perk I need/want so I can reroll second one since once I reroll I won’t be able to reroll second/rest of the perks
  5. Curios will need at least TWO? That’s just horrible!

What kind of bright mind there Fatshark is designing that? You want to beat Destiny 2 for worst endgame ever? Does Tencent forcing you to make game as grindy as possible. What the hell is going on? Seriously you try really hard to make every feature that was good in Vermintide 2 to be worse here.

In Vermintide 2 we could reroll all the perks all the time. WHY?


Except on Curios it’s worse, you need 2 good perks that you want and then you can reroll the last one…


Yes, good point. Jesus…



Let me start by saying I am also not a fan of the system they’re proposing. I do want to clarify that I disagree with the general sentiment expressed here and in the recent community announcement post that not being able to get perfect perk rolls across the board suddenly means your weapon/curio goes in the bin. There being room for minor optimisation as you continue playing isn’t inherently terrible, as long as you can get the core components of your build going with the tools available. Blessings are generally more impactful, and if they follow the system outlined in their crafting outline post a while back, there will be a decent amount of agency in choosing which of those we get on our weapons.

Now to point out the part that really worries me. In that crafting outline post they mentioned increasing costs to reroll perks for each subsequent reroll. Now that is truly an attrocious idea, and it’s very easy to imagine effectively “bricking” your gear when you fail to get the perk you want too many times in a row, making subsequent rerolls prohibitively expensive. That is a massive no go and the true elephant in the room here to my mind.


These guys are trying to copy DICE in forgetting previous systems in their games that worked perfectly and I don’t like it.


Idk how, but some how, fat shark managed to make a system WORSE then the dice bowl.

At this point i would rather see the dice make a come back then this awful system.


Not having perfect rolls is great.

literally all they had to do was bring back the athanor from vermintide 2’s winds of magic dlc and have it apply to weapons you already own, if i wanted to take my chances with loot id go back to playing division 1 where you could only reroll specific things (before they added the optimisation station that made all your equipments stats go up to max)


Horrible idea after horrible idea, geat your s*it together fatshark, I love the gameplay, but things around it are just getting worse and worse.
So basically my 75% average stat bolter with 2 bad perks is worthless endgame and eventually i will have to discard it.

Maybe you can bring purchasable 2nd peork reroll for aquilas? Ofc continue with releasing good looking skins only past paywall. Oh, oh and don’t forget to release paid class dlcs from time to time.

You should name that game vermintide 1,5 or destinytide.
Every good system (not perfect but good) from VT2 you had already finished, you twist and make it worse.

Shame, I care for this game, but damn it is getting worse and worse.

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My guess is they hope to retain players that way. The hunt for the perfect weapon is now reliant on the shops and the grind.

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actually no, you need to find a weapon you can use.
the rest is all just want and can be done as you play.

i guess that was a mistake , one they couldnt correct mid game but didnt want to repeat.
and i can see that the entire loot system was thrown out because anyone could just instant create a god roll from the scraps they had in the bank and probably never use enough of those mats that the numbers dropped into a range the game could actually display.

if we did NEED these god rolls you would have a point but we were doing the top difficulty in pugs before 30 with blue and worse weapons.

we dont have the loot system in place yet, and thats a valid point to complain about but we dont know the quantity of loot or its quality we are going to be getting once they actually finish that part of the game.

but in theory im not against having a loot path that gets you functional fast then hits near impossible to perfect .

also bear in mind a perk is not a blessing there are more parts to the crafting coming

Hey FatShark, you know how you said you already deleted a crafting system, and are now making a new one? Stop. Stop right now. The one you’re making now is terrible. Horrible. Even if we had access to loot, it would be a horrible system.

When you add the atrocious time-gated RNG shop on top of it, as the only way to ever get loot, it becomes truly abysmal.

You need to rethink the entire loot reward mechanic and crafting in this game. Whatever you’re working on now, just stop working on it. Because it’s not what anyone wants.


The loot system is in place. It’s the time-gated RNG store. At no point has anyone from FS said anything at all about there being any other progression in the game. This is it. This is what they thought was a good idea.


What do you mean? You can just complete all weekly quests two times and you can buy up to but not including 1 orange weapon from the other RNG shop! :rofl::+1:


I know, right? It’s just another RNG store, with even fewer items and even longer reset time, for a currency that is much harder to get. I have never ever seen an item in there with actually good rolls, let alone an item that actually works for the class I am on.

That’s what RNG does. I suppose over hundreds of thousands of players, someone is going to get an item that is good. But for each individual player, the odds are… astronomical.


The thing is, as Tencent looks like it is heavily involved in Darktide, what they are doing actually makes sense.

Why? because chinese players LOVE random things in their games and LOVE to gamble. Look at all the game they produce (mostly mobile games…) : full of RNG, full of gambling, and full of cash shop.

And this is exactly what we have here in Darktide. The problem is, trying to apply what chinese players love to western countries players won’t work at all in the mid-long term.


Yeah, I am not too happy with this system either.

Just give us the Vermintide 2 system where it basically re-rolls both perks at once, instead of blocking us from one altogether (like in Division 2.)

That kind of RNG I could get behind. The planned one, not so much.

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THIS is also what makes we question their sanity overall.
It is bad that we have no crafting/ just the store (+ Emperor’s Gift), ok, but now we need to get the “weapon we want (class, variant, stats)” WITH one perk we want to use AND need to get the other perk besides?

Why not make it

  • collect perks
  • get weapon
    → Install perks in weapon

Building conditions on top of the RNG is just crazy talk. Cue crazy talk: Why not make it so the other perk even gets re-rolled when one gets applied (beside locking it), then we would have a similar bafflement like in Vermintide 2 where a re-roll exchanged BOTH perks at a time (why not just change ONE at a time like with the trait?).

Come on, FS, you LEARNED something over the years, show it to us!

Either rethink it all or at least add options to the shop like being able to buy every weapon unlocked as a gray one at any time (additionally to the other ones of course).
This way we had at least some influx of potential weapons to use (and could besides e.g. try more kinds out while levelling a char (I still never had the opportunity to buy a revolver!)).


Well, at least they’re not going the route that Payday 2 did with P2W weapons yet, at least. Now that really would be worth stinking up the forums about.

Still, I’m a little concerned about the direction of this game’s itemization. The thing is, people will grind for loot if they feel it is in their control. They’ll grind if they have a clear goal to work toward. The problem is that right now, upgrades are almost completely out of our control because we’re at the mercy of the weapons vendor. The current gambling system (waiting at shop, buying a grey/green, then taking it to Hadron to upgrade) is also far too passive. It doesn’t even get those addict endorphins flowing, so I have no idea how it’s even supposed to keep players hooked. It’d be great if we could craft grey items from a template like in VT2 and then build our gear up from there, though I don’t think we’ll be able to do that so long as the weapon vendor exists.

The silver lining is that FS seems to be rolling the crafting system out in chunks. This means there’s still time for them to correct course, and to iterate on specific components on the crafting system instead of facing a giant mess that they’ll have to clean up down the line. This just needed to happen in an early access state rather than, well, the released game.

Side note about the weapons vendor: the fact that the inventory refreshes every hour means that it’s difficult to find games in the final ten minutes of every hour. It’s pretty annoying lol

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