Refining perks

The cost is fair, the end result is nice, clicking a button to reroll dozens of times after the cost drops down to free to find the perk I’m after in tier 4 wastes both the player’s time and I assume the server’s resources. Instead maybe after the 18 rerolls it takes for an orange curio’s reroll to become free replace the random rolling with a menu to select the exact perk we’re aiming for.


I second this and would add:

When a perk on an item has been re-rolled to the point it becomes free, why not just let the players select from the list of available perks?

The idea being that since it is free, the only thing holding a player back from getting the perk they desire is spending time clicking the refine button ad nauseam.

Example, I want +5% toughness on a curio that is now free to refine and I have +4% toughness currently. Instead of me sitting down and mindlessly clicking a button over and over again (with time that could be spent in matches), just give me the option to select what perk I want at that point.


But that would give you actual player agency, and would remove a completely needed layer of extra RNG, because the game doesn’t have enough RNG already.

Or so the design intent must be, made by big brain game designers.


god forbid they actually do that, give the player agency like they supposedly claimed they were trying to do.


I see a store pack that lowers the number of needed tries or allows you to pick your perks after x attempts.

Only 2500 Aquilas and this amazing feature can be yours!

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Does the cost really drop down to free at a certain point?

I fully expected that to have been a miscommunication in the patch notes.

I don’t understand why Fatshark wouldn’t just let people roll both perks, from a design perspective. It’s already tedious to get a weapon that has the perk you want in the first place, just let people craft stuff themselves!

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but if you’re able to craft what you want, then you’re not constantly going back to the RNG shop, checking for better gear on the hour, every hour.

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my main problem with the system is locking the perks, which would be fine if consecrating reset the Lock and allowed you to choose which perk to refine again.

as such you could have a blue weapon and refine a single perk(theirs no secondary perk to lock) then consecrate the item into a purple and get another perk and refine that one, this would allow you to build a blue weapon to a gold and make your weapon perfect, but you would have to get a new blue if you wanted to choose both perks again.

sadly this is not the case, having a blue and refining a perk, then consecrating will show the added perk as locked when its added, this is rather disappointing.

i didnt see any videos on this so i made my own you can see it here
Darktide 1.0.20 Perk Refining Explanations and Testing - YouTube

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Well, there we are…

The only thing I like about this system, is that the cost goes down with uses…
It means I can get whatever I want if I pay 350 plasteel. But I need to spin the wheel for 10min.

Not being able to rolls econd perk sucks.

It’s stuff like this that makes me go “so why not just let players craft and upgrade the weapons, by choosing the stuff they want? People are going to pull whatever lever you have until it gives them what they want so why not just cut out the repetitive groxshite and let people pick the thing outright?”

Just use a banishment system as well or a pick x ever decreasing number say 10

Banishment is you roll one stat if you reroll it you will never see it again.

Pick x is you go to reroll you got every choice in the game you pick 10 then roll for one of the 10.
If it fails to get the 1 you need you reroll 9 next try.

I spent twenty+ minutes this morning clicking refine over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over to get the perk I wanted.

This is a bad design

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Yes i second this / agree about upgrading the rank of the equipment should not lock the new perk slot, maybe just lock the previous edited slot or unlock them both afterwards, otherwise your left to rng potentially ruining all the time and resources you spent upgrading the equipment… If they don’t want to change the locking system of the perks, then maybe make the consecrate cheaper.

Please add a buyout option and let me pay 100 Diamantine and 300 Plasteel to select which tier 4 perk I want from a dropdown list.

Either let us reroll both perks but always at a cost (even if negligible), or if we’re stuck with one let us pick the perk we want after we get it down to being ‘free’.

I just spent 20 minutes refining a single curio just to get 5% toughness. While the free cost is -passable- i’d much rather pay a premium for even a simple knockout system let alone an actual choice. Could’ve finished a mission before i got one perk to roll

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took me 45 minutes of pure agony to get 5% crit on my dagger

Just rolled for 20 minutes to get T4 vs Unarmoured on my heavy sword. Who designed this? Why did they design it this way?