The crafting of curios specifically sucks - they need 2 perks rerolls

Crafting allows re rolling of one perk, I am fine with that for weapons really, this is not a post about crafting.

This is a post about the crafting of curios specifically.
I invested a considerable amount of diamantine in trying to get some decent curios for my psyker. IT 100% failed (shootout to 3 consecutive violet upgrades giving +6% exp).

Between the still present (come on, be reactive on this Fatshark) +% exp and +% curio chance which should be for now simply removed from the pool of perks, and the useless resistance perks to various enemies (mutants, hounds), crafting a usable curio without a wasted perk is impossible from my experience right now.

The easiest way to fix this is to be able to reroll 2 perks for curios.
One limitation could be to limit the second perk rerolled to lvl 3 to balance this out.

Something like this needs to happen fast. Crafting curios is a total waste of resources right now, please act fast people of Fatshark. This gets beyond frustrating after too many hundreds of hours on the counter.


Completely agree. I’ve bricked many 20% health curios with things like 6% increased experience gain, or 8% more dockets. This has sucked up a lot of my plasteel/diamantine and I still don’t have a full set of curios I like on any of my 3 characters. I’m probably being too picky, but still…

I’m a little torn, but only because I don’t want the plasteel cost of rerolling perks on them to shoot up in response.

Yeah Hadron already double dips the reject disrespect siphoning even more mats past max upgrade and the rerolling sound that thankfully resets every single time so I turn my headset off and am rewarded for having a monitor with sound. I stopped throwing mats at this pretty early on, I’ll run a Melk curio at 156 power if its actually 4 good perks. The guy who made that shop app needs to add him to his checker…

Or we can just ask for the ability to swap all of the perks to whichever ones we want and not have to deal with unnecessary gating bs.


Yeah, I’d much rather pay a flat fee to change it to what I want instead of rerolling for 5-30 minutes.

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The whole crafting system belongs in the bin along with the store.

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As per the original post.

There’s no meaning in focusing on curios crafting specifically when the entire system is broken from the ground up is what I’m saying, sorry it didn’t get through!

Here’s the big one, really.

Meta perks (ducats, experience, etc) should use a different power budget than the gameplay perks.
If you had a 100 power curio, that should be 100 power of gameplay perks and, separately, 100 power of meta perks.

There’s no reason to overlap these - by overlapping them, you’re just guaranteeing that meta perks never factor into decisionmaking. You should never push players to choose between meta and gameplay power - that isn’t fun or healthy for anyone.

I agree with the OP…
I would add that when we reach the point where rerolling the perk does not cost anything, we should be able to pick directly the perk we want.


why was this not addressed in the last message from fatahark.

and remove exp and curio chance.

why is that so f-ing hard to have somethjng so obvious patched.

it feels kafka-esque to not have simple stuff like that acted upon ffs.

Damn you’re right

nice to see this thread bumped, I have given up on curio upgrading and most of my decent acquisitions have been melk/emperor and I would recommend him. I really don’t see any viable alternative with how much of a resource pit curios are at 70% useless perks in the pool. Melk was also added to that armory app sometime in January.

Every time I get a good base roll with a level 4 that gives 20% damage the next one seems to always be something worthless like 3% xp or chance to find a curio or dockets.

Putting it plainly the system sucks and nothing mentioned in the crafting blog fixes how much it sucks.

If anything there shouldn’t be locks on curio rolls considering just how stupid the random elements on them can be.

Edit: literally bought 2 blues today that instantly went to garbage tier and after getting one from Sire Malk’s shop that was actually decent ran out of crafting diamantine and it got stuck on +xp until I get more. Screw this game’s crafting system

Better yet! 3 Perk Rerolls, thats right no locks at all! meaning I don’t have to waste time hoping for a good roll only to get dockets and xp rolls on a purple to orange curio

You won’t get something without any lock…
You have to understand that. You can dislike, but, at a moment, if we want to get something we have to ask for changes that they can think about.

One perk locked is something they can think about.