Crafting curios is a joke

Crafting curios is still complete trash!!

In at least 80% of the cases you get the “15% chance of curio as mission reward” or even better: 6% Experience.
The latter one is completely useless for most of the players even considering crafting curios, which is not done before level 30 (at least if you have a brain).
And the first one actually doesn’t add any value to the stats as well.

Just at the moment I finally got a toughness curio from the shop after waiting for hours and when “consecrating” it even both of the mentioned ones came one after the other, which renders the item completely useless, since you can only reroll one of those… Just another waste of materials and dockets. TY FS!
This already happened so often to me it’s just a bad joke!!!

What BS is this??


I dare you to master cratf it and got a 15% pox hound res on it .


If they would remove the locks we could at least roll a curio to get the exact stats we want. For some reason they want to keep these awful crafting locks.

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The crafting system is completely fine, because as you can see, i got the curio with the stats that i wanted.
It even has a tier 4 perk and i did not need to reroll anything.


Curios need a complete rework from the ground up, not anything close to what they are now


or, better yet, bomber dmg reduction, which supposedly doesn’t even work atm

Or the dog and mutant resist. They do little damage as it is and it doesn’t stop enemies around them from totally murdering you while you’re incapacitated or rising to your feet because there’s like 2 seconds where you can’t block after getting freed from a dog.

And corruption damage covers the dog and more anyway. Just goofy the whole way though.


Honestly just being able to reroll 2 out of the 3 perks would make an enormous difference. Find a curio with the blessing and a single perk you like? Bam you’re set. Obviously I wouldn’t complain about locks being removed entirely, but I think that’s significantly less likely to happen.

There few perks that seems to have insanely high chance upon Consecration, and consistently prevalent in Store and in Limited Aquisition:

  • Experience
  • Dockets
  • Weapons/Curio chance.
    It seems that they have artificially bloated chances of appearing on curio, deliberately. Simply removing them from the pool of Curio perks will ease this Curio perk madness to tolerable level.
    But Fat Shark will NEVER do it, because it goes again core game design - to annoy player by utter nonsense whenever they can.

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