Getting decent curios close to impossible

Issue Description:

Since crafting curios always leads to bad stats (and only one of them can be rerolled…)
and the ones we can get from Sire Melk are always crap, it’s close to impossible to get decent curios.
I have the feeling this even got worse since the “big patch”, e.g. because Transcendent drops are even harder to get, which were the only ones which sometimes had good stats on them.

See my other posts for details:
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I consider this to be a bug. Otherwise it’s just bad design to even further annoy players.
(And I think you can’t afford that when seeing the active player count.)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Try to craft decent curios (after having lucky rng in the first place to even get a base item in the docket shop to even begin with)
  2. Try to get some useful curio from Sire Melk


Player ID:

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)


I confirm this. But “decent” is subjective.
Exp roll is unusable for lvl30 characters (could be usable if we could share items with other characters, currently it is dead stat)
Dockets drop is usable for very low margin of players (returns from this trait go up with missions done, but it is easier and faster to do missions with other trait here)
Curio drop is usable by very low margin of players (only target-farming curios to craft better curios)

Other traits usability can be discussed, but they are not “dead-trait” for common players.


  • exp curio trait does not roll for lvl30 characters
  • curio / docets traits have lower weight
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While getting decent curios is pretty easy currently, I think you are correct that since the patch maxed base health/toughness curios have increased in rarity.

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