Please let us reroll two perks on Curios

That is all.


One addition perk you can reroll per week. Boom. Balanced.

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How about “let us reroll all perks on curios”? Or better choose one we need when cost became zero?


How about let us reroll all perks on everything? :wink:

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Just have an option to unlock the locked perk for diamantine on everything. This way we can work for our desired weapon stats and it gives the diamantine more value.

I have about 3k sitting on my Veteran that’s unused because I play mostly Heresy nowadays. Plasteel drops are so low comparatively that when I have enough of it to use at the Shrine my diamantine has increased by an equal amount and most of it not being used.

Just make it expensive, like 2k diamantine. Hell make it 5k I don’t care it’s a goal to work towards and it means weapons and curios don’t immediately become trash tier if two perks on it are undesirable.


Crafting allows re rolling of one perk, I am fine with that for weapons really,

But why?

Dont you want increased crit damage on a weapon with increased crit chance for a crit build?
Guess what, pray to RNG jesus to make that happen EVENTUALLY MAYBE.

Oh and god beware, you want two useful blessings that are beneficial to that build of yours too?

Bad luck!