Only being able to reroll ONE perk on an item is asinine. You need to change this NOW

" Crafting System

In our next content update, we will add the “Refine Item” functionality to our crafting system. This functionality will allow you to replace one Perk on a Curio or a Weapon. The same Perk slot can be replaced multiple times, but will block replacing other perks on the same item. This is the next step in building out our crafting system."

You have to be kidding this this crap, Fatshark. looking for the perfect stats is the number one priority when trying to acquire a good weapon. What am I suppose to do if I find the perfect 380 shield, but it comes with +1 Stamina and +20% Carapace Armor Damage? On a shield they are both worthless perks. I should be able to reroll both of them. What happens if I have a Curio with 20% HP as the main perk, but it’s bonus perks are worthless perks like increase exp or 3% ability recharge rate? How am I suppose to make the Curio I want without MASSIVE RNG luck on my side? In Vermintide 2 when you rerolled an item it rerolled all the perks at once and while it was RNG, you still had the chance to keep rolling until you got the perks that you wanted on your gear. Why did you think this was a good idea to change this? Why are you taking everything that worked in VT2 and destroying it?

With this sham of a system you are pushing on to us, we now have to find a perfect weapon that has high stats (if you had a perfect 380 that has two bad perk, tough crap I guess) AND have one perfect perk that you wanted it to have. Are Blessings on the crafting table going to be the same way so that we can only replace ONE of them? This is just RNG on top of RNG on top of more RNG!

First there’s no loot rolls at the end of a mission to incentivize playing on a higher difficulty and doing everything you can to increase your chance of getting better gear at the end. Which means a lack of gear overall since we have to wait every hour to check the store to just be disappointed again. Melk is a compete joke and all he sells is junk that range in the 300- 330 range which is completely unacceptable. I have 10k scrips with nothing to use them on. Now you go and pull this crap? Who is in charge over there? You need to change this NOW and let us reroll everything to make the gear we want before you roll out this scam you call a “crafting system”.


Yeah this system will kill the game for me. It lacks too much content and quality of life mechanics to make this grind even nearly worthwhile.


You guys just look at it from a wrong perspective.

You see it as grind, because you want to hunt for perfect stats in a game that doesn´t even has really perfect stats with it´s different bars on each weapon. It´s not Vermintide where you get or craft a red and do 100 rerolls to finally have the 2 traits you wanted.
And it´s not even needed… even damnation can be finished without them. “Perfect stats” may be different from player to player aswell based on the playstyle.

So far you might see it as a grind. I see it as a side-progression that´s always there while i´m able to enjoy the gameplay anyway. Vermintide missed this permanent progression completely once you got a handful of reds. It´s just something for players that´ll spend hundreds of hours in the game anyway.

I´m sure higher difficulties and modifiers / sidemissions increase the chance for emperors gifts and maybe even the tier / rarity. I get they pretty much any game on heresy with tomes / grims.
Also higher difficulties are more for the challenge. A lot of poeple played Cata either for achievements and / or the challenge instead of sitting on legend for even better loot.

Dunno which level you´re on, but the armory gives me stuff up to 420 GS. Also there can be useful white / green items with a high base-score and huge filled bars, just upgrade them. (The GS doesn´t even says that much, it´s the bars which are more important.)

The special merchant has normally 400+ stuff once you reached 30. Just 3 days ago he offered me a 490 bolter even with great perks on top.


yeah this is definitely hurting player by limiting them to what available in the armory, and having no real tangible reward for clearing quests.
Plus when you disassemble a bad item it gives currency rather than crafting mats.


The fact that you don’t know that the only rating that matters is the stat bats shows you shouldn’t be telling us it’s not that big of a deal. 380 is currently the highest rating for the stat bars alone (385 is a glitch, it’s not really 385). Just because a weapon has an overall rating of 500 doesn’t mean anything if 200 of that rating is accounting for bad perks and blessings (as an example).


its a carry over concept from vermintide.

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Can we just get the V2 crafting back!? Like when we could just reroll each perk and attribute without the game staring at us for more time to invest. We already have to spend a lot of RNG trying to find a weapon with good base stats we like. Now we have to spend more time finding the weapon with good stats and good perks. IF you want to make the game diablo 3, add enough content and ways to play each character to make it fun enough to justify the grind for the weapons.


“Perfect stats may be different player to player,” you’re right. We all have different builds in mind that we want to try. What you’re failing to aknowledge is, all of us can’t even dream to be able to try it unless we drop hundreds of hours.

Also, you can have perfect stats. The max star score per bar is 80%. You can get a weapon with 400 stat score and that would be a perfect stat roll. I already have items with like a 380 stat roll.


If you would read carefully, you would´ve found that (…) where i said, that GS doesn´t matter that much anyway. It´s the bars and based on them the preference what poeple wants or in the end need for a breakpoint if you want to go so far.

And well… it wouldn´t be a big of a deal if you would just would play and enjoy the game meanwhile having side-prog instead of godrolls as fast as possible for whatever reason since they´re 100% not needed. You probably won´t even mention the difference at some point.

Just saying ofc… feel free to do whatever you want. The system has already more variety and long-time progress than V2 will ever have.

It´s the same with players in Outriders… the devs made ascension and apocalypse-levels so long-time players have a long-time progress while just playing and trying around with builds. Meanwhile the players moaned about “the huge grind” etc… But in fact they´ve done each level the same anyway. Rinse and repeat the PvE content, beating level X, gaining new stats, beating level Y, gaining new stats, … .
The grind has always been there. But the devs gave some little extra points for the grind you´ve done anyway.


What´s the point to jump into a PvE game just to have perfect rolls as fast as possible?
Yes you might want to try your build, and then? I personally believe that the blessing in kind of builds are more important (next to the damage bar), and those we´ll be able to change or to upgrade in their tiers with the last 2 crafting abilities.

I get the points of course… but srsly not every game works the same and some guys obviously destroy their own fun while not getting god rolls. I mean, it´s up to everyone else, but i would always prefer a system, which lets me clear even the highest difficulties with great weapons, but still gives me some progress on top, even if it´s rare or based on some RNG. (Diablo the same…)
I´ve had some hundred chests in V2 lieing around, never opened… we all know why.


I might be the minority, but I personally hate the RNG base stats on weapons. Just make the rarity of the weapon tied to its baseline stats and they can scale at different rates with different maximums based on the weapons etc. What I mean is every master crafted X weapon, let’s say Thunderhammer, has the same stats as every other Master Crafted Thunderhammer. If we “need” the % stat bars, just max them at 80% since I guess that’s what they want.

There’s just so much freaking RNG in our weapons that just feels like such a massive waste of time between the 5 base stats, 2 perks, 2 blessings


Who’s asking for God rolls? We’re asking for a system that isn’t just ridiculous RNG on top of each other.

In Vermintide 2 you could get amazing gear fairly easily and you would work your ass off to get the red gear which required lots of perfect missions on Legendary with full tome and grimoires + one or two bosses to ensure an emperors chest which had approximately 3% chance to drop a red (so you needed 30 or so of these to get your first red) but said reds are PERFECT.

There’s literally no chance in hell you’ll ever get a perfect item here and for the VAST majority of us, that’s a pride and joy to hunt for. This is effectively impossible in Darktide which is why people are PISSED 'cos it’s been a main stable in the other Tide games and why people came back day after day after day to play. Not this … quite frankly b******* mobile game mechanics they’ve got going on.


This is ouragous. They try to make this game as RNG grindy as Destiny 2 or some other Korean/Chinese RNG MMO game.

How can you downgrade SOO MUCH from Vermintide 2. I thought I won’t be dissapointed more after seeing premium store + no weapon crafting and RNG store camping.

But it seems you want to keep proving me wrong.


Goes swiftly into:

At least be honest.

Seriously… this is not the game I was expecting since Vermintide 2.

This smells more and more like Chinese mobile game scheme with their timed RNG FOMO “gear progression” and lack of any player influence over what you can get.

Look at it people! No matter what difficulty you play, what you play, how you play: YOU CAN’T INFLUENCE YOUR GEAR PROGRESSION! It’s all RNG and how much you are willing to logging in everyday to check garbage RNG rolls.

There is seriously something very wrong in there! Is it accident that after Tencent aquisition they changed Vermintide 2 formula so much into more of mobile asian games? That they ripped previous planned crafting system mid-development? Maybe in time of Tencent aquiring them?

This is really really disturbing. I have less hopes we will ever get rid of that RNG store fiesta here.

This is planned


Unfortunately there will never be any explanation as to why Fatshark decided to put these RNG based systems in instead of something that respects the Player’s time and is fun to work towards.
Because there is simply no answer they can give that’d be acceptable. It’s simply impossible to even pretend these systems are in any way “fun” or “engaging” or “promoting Player agency” or even “rewarding for the Player”.


This! So much this!

Limiting the crafting to only being able to switch one trait gives so much more possibility to experiment without the feel of getting forced to run the “best build” or “best traits”.

It makes actual drops and vendor items valuable if they have one right trait while still giving you enough room to craft that one you need for a breakpoint or whatever else you absolutely want or need (looking at you crit rate).

I always like a Diablo 2/PoE style gear progression where you can always chase that impossible god item (or 5th) instead of having top gear after 100 hours that couldn’t be improved in any way.

I hope that Red items will have a similar implementation where they aren’t the top gear right away, they just can have stats over 80%.

Oh look the shills that thinks this is about making “God” items…

This has nothing to do with making “best build” items, this has everything to do with NOT being able to make the items YOU want. My perfect items does not equal to YOUR perfect items.

This won’t make the store BETTER. It won’t make the items more VALUABLE - if I want a specific weapon, with specific stats, of a specific rating with specific perks then EVERYTHING else is trash. All it serves it to put more RNG on top of already shitty RNG in a mobile game retention way.

And you take that up a certain place like it’s the best invention ever…

Nyeh. People need to wake the heck up.


Don’t reply to him. In other threads @Nish showed he is “that player” from target audience of grind korean MMOs, Destiny 2 etc. People who can’t play without grind forced on them since gameplay itselfs has little value to them. They are addicted (like literally addicted) to chasing gear in games, that’s what matters to them. Rest of the game can be anything, doesn’t matter, it’s the RNG grind dopamine, like gambling on roulette that drives them. They wouldn’t be able to stick to game without that dopamine RNG rush of grinding without ever succeeding.

You won’t explain to him anything.


I feel like Fatshark are trying to turn Darktide into a looter-shooter. Without the loot.

This is an absolutely hideous item system and for the life of me I can’t understand why they’re still pursuing it in such a boneheaded and stubborn manner despite the mountains of clear feedback they’re getting on it.