The RNG Shop NEEDS to change

Getting to level 30, and realizing the best way to get gear is not to play the game, but wait for a shop to reset and pray the item you want is in it is just bad design. Emperor’s Gifts are so infrequent and random too, they cant be relied upon.

With the updates for crafting I hope Fatshark can also redesign the current weapon shop, as of right now its awful. Rather than playing the game to get a better weapon, I have to wait for the shop to randomly give me the weapon and variant I want. I have the materials to upgrade one, but have to wait for my desired weapon to appear.

There needs to be a way for the player to manipulate the RNG so they can get the weapon they want.
I don’t know what the current solution is to fix it, I just hope Fatshark can improve this current shop system.



Saw the emperors gift twice while leveling up my first character. Have not seen it since.


Once the crafting is done if they let us craft any weapon as base white I don’t mind the shop as is. Since then it is more about perk and blessing harvesting than anything else. Something like that would make sense but if they don’t let us create the weapons that we want and force use to have to wait for it to appear in the shop then that can be a pain in the rear.

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If they panned that it would already been in Hadron as option “open soon”. The just want to milk retention and log in times by refresh shop.

I have seen plenty of good suggestions here.
The one I prefer is having one tab per weapon in the shop, and having the shop show you 5 or 6 randomly generated versions of each weapon.
This keeps the RNG while allowing the player to try weapons and play with whatever they want to play.

Easy fix.

Honestly if the crafting system allowed me to craft the perfect weapon for me, the shop would be kind of ok.
I liked the system in VT because, if I didnt have multiple reds of an item, say a Greatsword, I could quickly swap properties from Swift Slaying on Merc to Opportunist on FK (in reality I always ran Opportunist but whatever).
Here I fear the system as they plan on implementing it will be too restrictive to swap like that on the fly.
I am really anxious about the grindfest it is going to be. I am anxious about how deep one will get buried into a weapon’s rabbit hole once they start focusing on it. I am anxious about the idea of having a nice weapon with a good feel to it, and having one property or trait being nerfed or changed and having to trash the weapon.
I do not see the system being flexible enough (with that stupid idea of changing one perk locking the other), and I do not see the ratio of weapons I want to craft/update to materials being favourable to flexibility.


Not going to lie, everything that keeps the RNG is miles away from a good solution, period. The only reason stats should vary is during leveling until you reach the max level via a similar system to VT2s gear power level or because weapons are intended to be customizable via crafting later on with the stats base stats forming a pool you can freely move around to personalize your gear to your liking, so the stat distribution/roll gear has on acquisition merely depicts a randomized roll before you get to modify it.

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I agree on changing the the Shop Mechanic. I am a new player who got this game with my friends (Beta Players) & I can already see how Bad this Randomizer Mechanic is. It would be best to Choose the weapons & equipment. The Core Stats & Rating can be randomized but not the Perks. I want to be able to Buy the perks.

It’s so obnoxious to run to the shop every hour and cycle through characters for 10 min in hopes of getting an item with good potential (which are insanely rare).

I’d very much prefer to play the game for 2-3 hours and then maybe spent another 10 min on looting/crafting, just like I did in Vermintide.

I’ve never seen a progression mechanic less mindful of a players time outside of Fremium games.


This should be the bare minimum change to the shop they should make imo to make it somewhat reasonable.

Also they should make the shop refresh cost a flat coin cost depending on trust level(say 100 coins going up by 200 per 10 trust levels maxed at 500 coins at lvl 30) rather than on an hourly time limit so that we can play over a period of time and then we can refresh the shop if and when we want to upgrade our gear.

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I like the idea of the shop but in practice it is just bad.

I too hate cycling through characters just to get constantly disappointed by the gear that appears in there, it would be better to just be a levelling and crafting base purchase shop than what it is now, yes it does offer crafting bases but so rarely are they what you want and of a level worth bothering due to the RNG. (then you have the crafting cost and crafting RNG on top of that)


This is not acceptable. I have a 380 gun and a 373 melee weapon. My curios are between 70-80. This is talking base level on all of these. The highest thing in the store is 353 base. And what is this:

How am I meant to get multiple pieces of gear to 380 base, much less on gear I actually want to use, when I’m getting stuff in the store almost 100 points lower than my highest and 91 lower than my weapon’s average base score. Over 100 lower than my gear’s total score as well.


@Saryk 's idea about having a guaranteed number of all available weapons showing up in the shop would help a lot. It needs to be combined with a crafting recipe to increase the stat bars, and a removal of the restrictions on rerolling perks, though. And only in that case they can keep the shop. Being so dependant on RNG is büllshit, especially if nothing you do can improve the odds in your favor.

Imagine if the amount of experience points rewarded after each round was random. And not just that, but the random amount was also not scaled to difficulty at all, and unaffected by secondary objectives and conditions as well. Everybody would recognise that as a bad system. So how can anybody think that the exact same system for weapon progression is in any way good?!

A system where there is a clear correlation between effort spent and measure of improvement is far superior to the RNG-shitshow we got right now.


“cRaFtiNg DoEsN’t ReAlLy FiT tHe SeTtInG”


This exact post needs to be brought up and read by their game designer(s?).
If they don’t see the problem, they have nothing to do in the position they’re in, and frankly I’m baffled at the fact they implemented it thusly at all.


The shop isnt suposed to give you your dream weapon every 5 minutes. You have to combine shop, material gathering in missions and crafting to achieve that. I think as soon as the crafting is fully unlocked, that will work well enough. Im even afraid, that it will work to well, resulting in having you perfect rolled weapon after a week already. But i do ofc also understand, that not everyone has that much time to play, as i do for example. So yeah there needs to be a middle thing kinda. I guess that will be hard to achieve. I also think it does not make much sense to talk about that befor the crafting is fully unlocked. This will be a big topic in the future, no doubt :wink:

If the crafting system is going to work like FS has said it would, no amount of combining shop and crafting will let you make your dream weapon every 5 minutes. Rather, probably never at all. And even if it does, it’ll only be through sheer luck, not by putting in effort. This is a horrible system, and that’s what people are complaining about. If the itemisation system isn’t based on nothing but RNG as it is now, a proper system could be implemented where you can at least actively work towards a “dream weapon”. And the less RNG, the more fair the system can be, so there is neither giving out dream weapons after 5 minutes, nor never giving out dream weapons at all.


I tell you honestly, after more then 30 years gaming, im not really a fan of dream weapons. In the first half of my gaming life, i always made everything perfect, every build, every weapon. But all games became super easy with that and super boring. I then started to adjust my gameplay, i stopped using the meta stuff. I started to play things wich i personally liked, even if they were not the “best”. Since i have done that, i have more fun in my games. I know people are diffrent and many like to go the mainstream meta route.

All i say is, its not good if you can reach the optimum in a very short time. That only results in getting bored very qickly. All of you should keep that in mind. I know you maybe dont care, but dont wonder afterwards if you see yourself here in the forums soon, crying for new content. The people always make noise for new stuff and faster stuff and as soon as they have it, they want something else.

As with everything, we need a good middle for this, not to fast, not to op, not to lame, but kinda satisfying for everyone. We can make a lot of suggestions now, at the end its fatsharks decision. Im pretty sure they will make adjustments to the shop. im excited to see how they will look :wink:

You can’t even reach base weapon most of the time.


Yeah thats kinda true, you really have to wait long sometimes for a specific weapon. For me personally its not that hard, but i do understand that it is for others. When you have only 1-3 hours in the evening to play and not 10 hours each day, it can be frustrating. Maybe they make it like someone already suggested, making use able to craft a grey version of every weapon at some point, so we can upgrade it.

There’s not even any particular reason why you’d wanna go for the higher difficulties apart from the challenge. At least in Vermintide 2, higher difficulties meant better loot and better components for crafting.