Store RNG is seriously frustrating

Just trying to get one upgrade to a weapon you like to use shouldn’t be THIS hard. I get 5-6 weapons of a type I just don’t like or enjoy over and over and it doesn’t reset for an entire hour.

Please… give us more variety so we can get the items we want or make the store update more frequently. I’d be far more likely to test new weapons out knowing I have an equivalent old faithful to fall back on. As it stands now, I horde my money because I don’t know when I’ll get a weapon I like in the shop again.


I agree it needs to be adjusted. I want an upgraded Eviscerator but the shop has not shown one to me in a few days and 15 hours of gameplay

If they insist on keeping the RNG store, it should at least have a minimum of 1 weapon of every type available to your class listed in it. That way if the RNG is crap on the weapon you are wanting, you know the next reset will have another one of that weapon there.

I should not be going an 10+ shop cycles without seeing the weapon I am chasing


It’ll be nice to see what weapons you have unlocked and when you’ll unlock new weapons, just to smooth that new player experience

inventory store like the system, so you can get a number of rolled weapons like 6 in each category. so there would be a variety of weapons to buy compared to what you currently get which is like a 10ish weapons most of them the same, with some times no trinkets, maximum blues; while purples and oranges have to come from the Challange store. orange are the pinnacle of equipment makes sense you have to get them from contracts, but as a level 30 ‘operative’ i would have liked to see that reflected in the quality of my weapon in the store, as blues are good but purples are better. , but i’m still getting greens and commons in the store at level 30. in V2 when you opened a chest when your level 35+ out of the hundred chests one could open maybe at most you will find 10 commons & greens. every other item will have been blue-orange or red.
level 30 Veteran haven’t seen bolt gun, while i watch other players with them. while I’m not annoyed but i would have liked to use a bolt gun, as apparently it becomes available from level 20.

so lets hope they introduce the other weapons during the up coming contents updates, like the long-las, hotshot, melta-gun…

also with customization of weapons please make sure that its through the armoury or a mission pick-up. wouldn’t like to grind for another set of currency just for modification. with that being said baseline modification should be free. not bought.

It really should have 1 weapon of each type and an option to reset the store at least once by paying some coins.

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They could add a mechanic that lets you pay for an extra chance at targeted loot. Like “Hey buddy, here’s some extra coins, see if you can get me a nice shotgun” sort of thing.

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Yeah, paying to reroll the shop would be great.

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I believe I have now gone 20 shop resets without a single Eviscerator showing up. Im now level 30, the last time one showed up was level 18

This is unacceptable, I should not be arbitrarily locked out of a weapon due to stupid RNG mechanics on a shop I have no control over

There is a planned crafting system, and the last beta actually had crafting materials you could find randomly throughout the maps (but didn’t have anything to use them for yet).

Hedge’s last comment on Discord about crafting is that it would be added at launch or within 2 weeks of launch (in the first post-launch patch).

Hopefully, there are some options to upgrade items or craft a specific item type that has a rating based on your level/gear.

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I agree and I firmly believe the implementation of said crafting system will answer the OP’s lack of luck. Frankly, I would like the game’s gear system to revolve more around crafting/modding/customizing and less on RNG store rolls. With the sheer amount of customization potential to weapons of all types, allowing the players to attach/modify their gear would be hugely fun and tactically diverse.

Think Fallout: New Vegas’ ability to modify and change gear as needed… for the right price and resources :wink: Tech-priest crafting station anyone?


Guess no one here played Vermintide games before. Guys, there will be a crafting system. The whole Tide games revolves around it. Relax!
For now, we have live in the game the minimum needed for reaching lvl 30, that’s it. Post-launch it will get interesting. Plus, any Tide veteran knows that the game really begins when you start doing Cata difficulty (the most high difficulty in the game, dont know how its called on Darktide…lol).
You will be 500 hours in and have not explored all builds/gear combinations yet.

If they really can’t be bothered to guarantee 1 of every weapon type, the least they could do is simply increase the item pool that we get, so there is a higher likelihood of getting stuff we want.

Store RNG is my biggest issue with the game. It is infuriating. Yes ‘there will be crafting’ - the truth is we got a fully functional MXT store instead. As a Vermintide veteran I find this utterly unacceptable.

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100%. All I see in this dumb rng shop on my Zealot are like 10 autoguns, a few devil claws swords and the occasional axe. If im lucky I’ll see the lackluster thunder hammer.

In 58 hours of play, I think I’ve had 3 eviscerators appear, 380 being the best one, meanwhile every other sword or autogun is well over 400.

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Seeing 4 Emperor-damned autoguns and two combat axes 3 times in a row is frustrating indeed.

I wish it could be more diverse…

You would have thought that FS would have brought forward lessons learned from VT2. But, I guess not

I agree the in game RNG stores are Terrible.

Without any viable alternative to target the type of weapon we want, the RNG time locked shop is garbage. Worse than garbage. Game as a service retention, hub advertising cosmetics garbage. That’s also why there are no hotkeys for the mission screen, crafting, the shop or contracts.