Ingame weapons store is a travesty

The ingame store is basically useless.- I have 200k plus ordo dockets and NOTHING worth buying.

Simply because I play psyker. There are rarely any force sword/staffs, and the 1 hour store turn over is ridicules. Why is it a hour and not 20 min?, at least efter every mission I should be able to SEE something NEW. This combined with the lack of actual crafting is quickly draining my enthusiasm about Darktide.

I love the visuals, the music and general feel, but WTF did you make gear a unbearable impossible grind?! Where is the logic in my lvl 30 character using the SAME STAFF for 21 levels! JUST because Im not lucky with what random crap crops up in a ingame store, and all my damn rewards are USELESS pistols and lasguns!

Maybe if we could use weapons between characters it would help… but TBH I just think you should FIX the store by increasing turnover rate, and always ensuring at LEAST 1 class specific weapon is available.


Thats not the weapon store, its psyker having too many useless weapon options.

Psyker doesn’t need axes, they are single target and overlap with brain burst or force sword special.

Psyker doesn’t need revolver, it overlaps with brain burst.

Psyker doesn’t need daggers.

No class needs auto pistols.

If we dropped 4 weapons we could fit more force melee weapons or staves.

The only shared weapons psyker should have is

-Semi-auto lasgun family
-recon lasgun family
-autogun family
-catachan devil sword

Everything else should be psyker gear.


RNG store is idotic design and I will say it plainly here: there is no way someone saw this at Fatshark and didn’t realize the absolute RNG fiesta of this mechanic where:

  1. You can’t even get the weapon you want
  2. You can’t even get the weapon you want with good stats rolled
  3. You can’t even get the weapon you want, with trait you want with good stats rolled

Even if the crafting will be here, RNG store WILL STILL make crafting horrible becasue:

  1. You need to first find weapon you want with good roll to consecrate
  2. To change/upgrade blessing/trait on weapon you will first have to find weapons with that traits in RNG store

Which means camping store every 60 minutes is the end game.

And I will add to this: it was made like that on purpose to:

  1. Force players to stay logged in, keep logging in every 60 min to check store to increase statistics of active accounts, gameplay time etc.
  2. RNG store where people have to camp every 60 min is ON PURPOSE placed near the FOMO/Premium cash shop so more people waiting for reroll on store will check cash shop and buy something.

My Proposed Changes to RNG Store:

  1. Every 60 minutes you can do 3 manual refreshes using gold (adds also another money sink)
  2. Store has 2-3 types of EVERY SINGLE WARGEAR available to your class instead of 12 random items.
  3. Store has chance of rolling purples and master-crafted, even if low.

Currently the RNG roll is probably the worst gear progression I have ever seen and crafting won’t change that much considering you still need RNG god to let you get what you need from store.

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While i agree with all your points, this proposed change is the only one i disagree with. If there is going to be a cost there should be no limit since the cost will be the limiting factor as it stands. If there is a limit then it should be free.

I recently noticed the same issue with the Contract refresh system (there is a limit on how many refreshes allowed) and it is annoying as hell when you roll the number of times allowed and all the rolls gave “do secondary objectives on X map X number of times”.

Just make it cost a fixed amount of gold to refresh the shop full stop, no limits or any of those shenanigans as the cost of refreshing is the limiting factor as is, just by making it unlimited refreshes with a fixed cost would greatly reduce the annoyance of the RNG and would mitigate the need for the 2nd proposed change.

Alternatively they could just make the store show what weapons you have unlocked with no stats and when you buy the item it rolls the stats and rarity for you, that way you can at least choose the item you want and then get rolling just like how crafting new weapons worked in VT2.

Almost literally every single thing in this game is a regression from VT2 outside of high end graphical fidelity (if you have a super computer to run it anyway). I’m mainly concerned with gameplay problems, but as I put more hours in stuff like the shop and mission terminal are becoming more and more obnoxious. Honestly, at this point if Fatshark doesn’t make drastic changes across the board to the game then I’m going back to VT2 when Sienna’s fourth career is released.


Indeed. it is quite awful

I wouldn’t have thought a horde game in 2022 would be incentivizing players to NOT play for hours at a time in hopes they MAYBE get the gear they are looking for

Idk, vermintide got you one random weapon per run.

In darktide you can see a list of weapons and buy multiple if you want or none at all.

And you can still occasionally get weapons as a mission reward.

To be fair, limit may be a good idea really.
Hypothetically speaking:
how pissed would you be after 3 resets without anything you want/like
and how after spending all your 100K dockets on it with the same result.

In general the store is a mistake in its current form. It should be complimentary to the loot drops not its replacement.
I mentioned this earlier, but I would like to see a “Dawn of War 2” system.
After EVERY completed mission, you get to choose 1 out of 3 (random) items.
Yeah rng still may not love you, but at least you may experiment with some wpns while leveling.

In Vermintide 1 there were some ways to mitigate RNG a bit, as well as an alternate source of targetable drops through the shrine. Darktide has absolutely no way to mitigate the RNG of getting something in the first place.