The stores with Random gear to buy are TERRIBLE

I played the beta for 2 weeks just before release and have been playing since the release of the game happened. The store that resets every hour rarely has any of my preferred guns to buy. I play a Veteran. My preferred weapon is the infantry lasguns with the sight. I only play that weapon. I might see one or 2 infantry lasguns shows up over a 12 hour period of playing the game as I check the store every hour. I am very very disappointed with this. I suggest you allow 2 of every weapon in the game to show up in that store every hour that can be used by the class you are playing. Then at least I could have a nice chance of finding a gun I may want to buy. As it stands right now I have 300 000 of the regular currency saved up and I have nothing to spend it on. Getting this currency as a reward for winning the mission feels bad and feels useless in the game due to I have nothing to spend it on.

Also the special store that resets once a day that you can spend special currency on that you earn from the weekly contracts never has anything useful to buy either. I have saved up 4500 of that special currency as that store has not spawned any infantry lasguns for me since it was implemented. Doing the weekly contracts feels bad and feels useless as the currency rewards cannot be spent as the special contract store does not have anything to buy. Every day it resets there is nothing I need. Today when it reset there was to recon lasguns. They are useless to me as I only play with the infantry lasguns with the sight. So I spent 1600 of this special currency on 8 random ranged weapons. I did not get any infantry lasguns with the sight. I am so disappointed with how these stores work. Please allow 2 of every weapon in the game to populate in the store for each class that can use those weapons so that there is chance of getting something useful to spend the special currency on.

So far the various currency you earn in the game to spend at the 2 stores feels bad and useless when you never see anything you want to buy. Please fix this. I’ll give this game 2 months to see if they can fix these gear problems otherwise why play the game when you will never ever get anything useful to buy with all the currency you farm up every week. Thanks for reading my comments.


Yeah it’s pretty terrible, I imagine if crafting was actually implemented it would be less terrible, but it isn’t so… I don’t know. I never got class exclusive weapons in my shop until level 25 lol.

and even then actual crafting isn’t planned.

Upgrading will be - but being able to make weapons from scratch won’t. So we do have to rely on the shop pretty much.

If they don’t fix the shop to provide a person’s preferred weapon to show up several times a day with random rolls then I’m likely not gonna keep playing. Why play a game where you can’t get any chance at finding a slightly better weapon or weapon with some of the stats or perks or blessings you are looking for with your preferred weapon style? So Sad.