More weapons added, Offer more in shop

Basically, if you add more weapon types then we should have more items available per hour.

I do not mind the RNG. I do not understand why people are upset that they have to play the game they are already playing to get things. They are always going to be gathering materials on a run, always getting paid for the run. . . Anyway, the lack of variety is not great. We still have the same number of items for sale, but even less chance to see something we might consider useful at lvl 30. I have not seen a 380 item since the addition of Brunt’s. I am swimming in 379s, but I am mostly selling back anything under 365 for a fraction of purchase price.

At the very least, put more items available per hour in the actual shop and per day in Melk’s Or get to the reds so my Diamantine pile doesn’t fall over and kill someone.


I agree they need to fix the weapons with all these additions. They should add a “class specific” weapons tab compared to the shared general tab. Also important when more classes and shared weapons drop.

Ps- I do mind the RNG when it would take thousands of hours to get what you want and the amount of time dedicated to menus and item management. The bad loot tables in the shops could also be solved by making the RNG more reasonable.

On topic: There are 16 items in the shop currently. That could easily be Class specific 4-8 per hour and 20 total which also have a chance to be class specific. Ogryn kinda just win in this case, heh.
Even without a specifics tab, 20 - 25 items.
(And let us compare all our weapons without having to exit and go back in… what a pain but that it another topic I guess)

Bunch of ways to fix it. Give us less money per mission, make the items available higher base stats (350+). Otherwise all we are doing is dropping money on the floor and calling it shopping.

Slightly off topic and RNG related:
I am accustomed to playing games that are constantly expanding and so you are always on the hunt for the next upgrade. Even games like Borderlands, Diablo, ant MMORPG are rng currency sinks. So if it is buying greys to land a 365+ and then hoping it gets the perks and blessings in a way that allows you to make it better, I am not mad. It can be disappointing and a bit frustrating… .I mean, who wants sprint efficiency? Some of these perks just need to be remove entirely. I would sooner see a perk that is just a middle finger than another +1 stamina when held or sprint efficiency… Pretty much the same to me.

Plus, the more RNG there is the more we get to have Hadron degrade us. Which apparently is very appealing for some people :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems class-specific items are rarer in general (Brunt indicates pretty heavily that there are multiple tiers of rarity). Probably shop should have a dedicated slot for rare weapons or a wishlist slot tho.

It’s always me who is the weird one with things like this…

It was a green weapon from the store. I upgraded it because of the maxed sprint perk. It’s on my veteran and used mainly for low Int runs. It performs wonderfully.

I think some RNG is fine, but I think the idea of a “constant” grind that is effectively impossible is driving away more players than it’s retaining. Also kind of scummy. Casual players (for sure), VT2 veterans, and some others I think are driven away. I think there is some looter shooter fans that are ok with the system or tolerate it, but I haven’t seen anyone actually praise the system. It’s either hate or tolerate it.

I think if Darktide had a campaign like Diable or Borderlands with lots of enemy varieties and enemy levels and mountains of loot, the RNG would probably be fine. Especially with hundreds of feats to peak from, lots of passive skills, active skills, etc.

Darktide, in my opinion, is (or should) be more about testing your skill at higher and higher difficulties with specific intentional load outs, making choices and sacrifices as to your gear and what you bring. Darktide is just full of compromises. It lacks the enemy and map variety and the skill and feat systems of games like Path of Exile, Diable, borderlands, etc. where you could make lots of gear work towards your build. Darktide the weapons, and their config, carry a lot more “weight” due to the lack of choices in other departments. Calculating break points matters more than in arpgs where the skill ceiling is rather low and it’s more about testing builds.

I think some people find the grind more tolerable (looking for an axe with only 4 blessing types) compared to people focusing on weapons like force sword with 12 blessing types. So some disparity there.

Regardless, I think with new weapons coming out, and new classes, I agree they should make changes to alleviate the already poor progression experience.

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The RNG in this game is so bad if they ripped it out completely it would be an improvement.
There are just so many layers of RNG it makes it some people just never get anything they want.

Firstly, you must hope the shop has a weapon you want.

Secondly, you must hope you get a good rating.

Thirdly, you must hope you get a good stat spread.

Fourthly, you must have to hope at least one trait is something you want.

Fifthly, you must hope the at least one perk is something you want.

Five layers of RNG, which is insanely ridiculous.

It’s meant to keep players engaged but frankly, it is doing the absolute opposite which is a shame because I find the game itself to be really good and fun once you’re in a match.

Nearly all of my friends stopped playing back in January and I can’t see myself playing more Darktide or investing more money for classes/maps with this awful system.

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Yeah I felt bamboozled. I gave them a lot of credit after playing VT2 and assumed it would be similar progression to that and broke my “never pre-order” rule… just goes to show even with developers who made a great game in the past and they make a new game that by all reasoning, should be similar (calling them both ‘tide’ games)… Plus you know, the devs saying “more player agency with crafting” this time around, the open letter saying they heard us, community managers saying “fixing progression” is a priority, they will “look into” removing resource siloing on characters… but if I had just waited and seen what would happen, I just wouldn’t have bought it. At this point, I just want them to say either “We will do/are committed to doing specifically X to fix progression” or “We are never ever going to change it, the RNG is in a place we want”. Then I can give up hope and finally move from the bargaining stage to the depression stage.

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Mission board has no alternative Hive yet, but rarely features most missions. Legitimately uses multiple of the limited 14 slots to have the same map appear on lower difficulty, which is an optimization failure that will worsen as they add more maps. Is their work around going to be having 30 missions on the board at once?

Average rating of weapons is far too low. The amount of RNG needed for weapons to appear with optimal bar placement is bad enough, multiplied by the number of options you’re sifting through if using either exchange function. On top of all of this, scrapping weapons is worth no where near what they cost to buy at lower rarity, and no mats.

If you somehow emerged from that swamp of garbage with something worth upgrading, there’s still a 50% chance it gets bricked upgrading with no ability to fix it or just blank it and start over. Nope, back to ‘will the game store finally give me something relevant with decent rating and stats?’

Amazingly this went through several people unchanged which is the single most disappointing aspect of the game. It almost seems baked into the design, with how they call us rejects even though you’re redeeming yourself from the prologue on. You don’t get to play what you want and you don’t get to build what you want, deal. It actually does end up hurting fun and variety when you design your game around stifling those at every opportunity. Like with resources siloing, making obligations out of the game’s currencies to not fall behind on them. Deliberate choice, to be less fun.