Proposed changes to Mission Board and Weapon Shop

In my opinion, the Mission Board and Weapon Shop are quite disfunctional at the moment. It is very hard to get what you want from the game, because most of the time it is not on offer.

Starting with the Mission Board: I would guess that most players only care for missions at one specific difficulty level. Just yesterday I was looking for threat 4 missions, and there were literally zero on offer, so I could only Quick Play. Bad. Alt+F4. Sometimes there is one, but I don’t lile it, and it will only refresh in 30 minutes… Bad, bad. Alt+F4.

I am not necessarily opposed to timed RNG mission generation, but there’s just not enough variety within the difficulty level that I am interested in. Not even mentioning weekly challanges, secondaries, modifiers, etc.

Here’s what I would like to see:

Same thing we have at the moment, but with a global difficulty selector. A dozen different missions to choose from, some of them in the same map but with different secondary objectives and modifiers. Good stuff. I can probably find something I feel like playing in here.

A couple nit-pick complaints: display the refresh time in sensible units (not 752:23, please, clocks have hours) and ged rid of the word “play” for the sake of ma immuhrsionz. Suggestions in the image.

Then about the Weapon Shop: similar problem. It’s very frustrating to find the weapon you are looking for due to timed RNG generation, let alone find the weapon you are looking for with acceptable stats.

What I would prefer to see is something along these lines:

Again, I wouldn’t mind keeping timed RNG to generate stats, as long as we have a system where you can find maybe 1-5 different options for each weapon type. It would keep the excitement (for some, I suppose) of visiting the shop every hour to see if there’s a new, better weapon, but it would remove the frustration of not even being able to test a weapon because shop has had none in the last three days.

TL,DR: keep timed RNG generation, but add more relevant variety.


Absolutley agree with evrything that you said.


I agree, in particular with the shop. I just unlocked the ability to use Staffs on my Psyker, but there are none in the shop so I can’t try them out. That makes absolutely no sense to me.
It feels like a FOMO cash shop, but without the cash.


Yeah, in the case of the weapons shop I don’t think there was any ill intention of FOMOing the players, since really no one stands to gain much from it. I believe that they honestly tried to implement a system that may have sounded good on paper, but that in practice has very severe shortcomings (same with the mission board).

I think one of the community managers mentioned they were working on improving the shop. Let’s see what they come up with. Hopefully it won’t be a mere tweaking of the probability numbers :crossed_fingers:


I don’t really get what you are suggesting with the item shop? Is it bad that there are 5 recon lasguns or is that a weapon that you chose to generate for the shop?

There are tabs on the left, one for each weapon type.


Including a cheeky meltagun, because I can’t get one soon enough! :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know if I feel the same way, considering the paid cosmetic shop is right next to it. It just seems a little too convenient that they’re encouraging players to drop by the cosmetic shop every hour on the hour if they’re looking for the weapon they want.

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This cannot be understated, this is the biggest reason so many people are complaining about the RNG shop

Amazing feedback, Fatshark this is what players want, and when people have something they like, they stick around. The design that is currently implemented to try and retain players by extending the amount of time they need to grind will do the exact opposite and cause people to stop playing

Please consider making changes like this post has suggested


Want to bump this because its still very good feedback, just incase some people havent seen it


Great designs, FS should hire you.

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I think each weapon should in the game should be able to get to 100% Damage. How? By completing missions with it or kills. That way, if you find one you like, you can power it up by actually playing the game.

Vermintide was fine the way it way. You eventually get the red version of what you liked and could craft traits/perks until your heart was content, change it on the fly (4 or 5 times), It didn’t matter because FS didn’t make money from it. FS isn’t making money from the current weapon system there is no reason to hinder our content.

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Not a programmer, but I really want the shop to have weighted fields dedicated to classes of weapons.

Players should always be seeing their iconics/class specific weapons available in shop/Sire Melks.

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Totally. My heart (and half my brain) breaks almost every time I open the shop while playing psyker :sob:

Having a system where there’s at leas one of every item would help a bit with this, but it would be extra nice if there were at least 2 or 3 extra options for class specific weapons.

I like that system. My idea for a mission board would be a bit different, i would have each area (example:Throneside) open up its own list of missions to choose from and allowing the map its own form of sense. Personally for me its location that gets me, playing the same place over and over again at times can be a bit much (to be fair that is more a problem with a small map pool at the moment). But yours does allow a greater deal of choice.

Also give me that store now. People shouldnt have to wait until they get lucky for a new weapon they unlocked or has been released.


I’d also like to add that the Inspect features need to be in the compare screen, I don’t want to have to inspect the weapon I’m looking at in the shop, exit the shop and then inspect my current weapon to see what the real number differences are.


This is a great idea! It would ensure that we can always play at least one mission in each of the different zones (Throneside, Hourglass, Metalfab and Torrent), and it would give a lot more meaning to the holographic city map, which at the moment feels a bit like a dummy decoration (it looks cool, but it has no function). It is also compatible with the original proposal :slight_smile:

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Nice job !
it’s really these menus I want to see : you keep a part of RNG but you avoid the frustrating part :

  • you can choose the mission as you want (but with the RNG maybe all the option will ba not present… but at least you find at minimum the difficulty and the place or the difficulty and the secondary objective).
  • You can find the weapon as you search (but maybe not with the good stat or the good benedictions or perks… but at least you are not frustrated do not find this bl¤¤dy weapon since one week !).

For me it’s a very good balance with RNG and life quality


Thank you. Hopefully one of these days fatshark will actually realize we want the best for the game and starts not only listening but take action.
Keeping these posts alive/reposting them until they get the message is the best course of action.


Understand that servers handle a limited amount of instances and they probably don’t push them too much at the moment.
You can’t have players create an unlimited number of instances on a server cluster.

There are always missions of all difficulty levels though so … yeah.
The real bother is you will often play the same lvl 4 mission 3 times in a row if you queue up, which is a major gripe.

I am also not happy with how all missions do not have scriptures and grim (and that’s a OR not AND).
But with latest patch notes you can see they just didn’t finish that for release and are positioning the items spawns in various levels still.

Anyway, main thing to consider is that with the server model chosen, the instances possible are limited by material resources. Hopefully there will be optimization and more choice offered in the future.