Suggestion for the Mission Board


For context I have 140 hours in this game currently with all difficulties cleared on 3 of the 4 classes. With that out of the way;

  • Keep the rotating mission board, but have it only be for the altered missions (special condition, grims, scriptures)
  • Add a mission select where you can pick the specific map and difficulty you want to do
    This should imo fix basically all the problems, while also maintaining the random element for those who prefer it.

I am only speculating here about the reasons for not being able to chose missions, but maybe the limited number of missions on rotation helps with matching up players in pugs when the population goes down.
Tying in weeklies to specific missions is what needs to go first.

Requisitorium missions that require completing all objectives of mission X would still be locked behind this stupid RNG.

I thought when I first saw the mission select UI that is was only for the closed beta, since there only were like 4 missions released.
Then I thought “hey it looks like Payday”, where there is a similar buffet of random missions but where there also is an option to select the mission you want to do - which would’ve just made sense to me.
In Payday, you pay for selecting a mission. I fear FS would get backlash for implementing that, but having the option to apply modifiers to get extra rewards (like hand-made heroic deeds) would be amazing, and since that exact feature has been asked for over and over for Vermintide, it would also have been a show of growth and continuous improvement on FSs part.

But sadly no. RNG. Add to list of reasons why the game disappoints me…

Things is, it’s literally copied from Deep Rock Galactic, except in that game you have a plethora of maps playable with a good mix of factors in (length, complexity, modifiers, etc) and, on top, every mission is marvellously procedurally generated so you really don’t miss on “I want this map and is not there”.

Oh… also, no toxic GaaS approach. That’s probably the main thing.

I wish it was copied, in DRG you can pick the difficulty level for every map, here you can’t

You are right, there is also that. The “fixed” part is the length and complexity but there are so many variations that it really doesn’t matter.

Also helps that the game focus just on giving you a fun time and not having you grind like it was a job.