This Mission Select System is Very Dumb

I could see having a system where only certain missions are available at certain times. But having them all locked by difficulties so that I can only play 1 or 2 at the difficulty I’m at over and over until it resets makes the game monotonous.


Yeah it’s incredibly stupid, they took DRGs mission board and figured out how to make it basically horrendous


I think that the problem will be solved once they roll out more maps, mission types, enemies and modifiers.
So either take a break from the game until that happens or try to enjoy what we have for now, I guess these two are the only solutions to that at that time.

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And grims & tomes be random as well…
I’m not interested in having to run a T1 or T5 if th ey are the only options for books.

It just doesn’t make any sense. The way it’s done in Vermintide 2 is perfect. You can select any mission you want at whatever difficulty you desire and you can go for the secondary objectives (tomes/grims) if you want. The one thing I do like in Darktide is the map modifiers, which in my opinion could also just be added as a choice for the player to insert that modifier for extra challenge and potential rewards.

The way done here, as stated above, looks like somebody just (very poorly) copied the idea from deeprock and placed it in the game. It’s very VERY bad.


They really should add a “Request Assignment” function, where you can pick any mission (+ difficulty & conditions) you want while paying perhaps 1/4th of it’s success credit payout.

Preferably with the price only being actually deducted on mission completion, to avoid people losing credits to crashes.

Quick play and the curated selection of maps should also pay out +5-10% XP and Credits.

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The current mission selection has me log into game, see if anything I want to play is available, and if it it’s not, I log out. Very bad design to not let us choose what we want to play.


There’s only enough space on the map for maybe 3-4 more mission icons before theres no room left, but I don’t think thats space they are going to use.

No matter how many missions and options there are, the way its delivered is just terrible design as you are forced to play what they want you to play rather than what you want to play

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I genuinely cannot understand why we can’t just pick what missions we want.

If you wanted to make random missions, then have them but increase the reward or something - give me a reason to be interested and excited to see what missions are up on the board - not dread what’s there due to my lack of options.

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While I get it how it works well in other games (where more random parameters are given), it does NOT work in a game, where we have handcrafted maps, just a handful to pick from at a given time and the only thing changing is what enemies are on the maps (for now not even “bosses” or such change at all!).

In VT2 the go-to-map of me and my friends was “The Screaming Bell”. Lohner’s intro was just so hilarious!
But if we did not run it, we went to… ANYWHERE.
Here, in Darktide, one has to choose lower difficulty (so less materials/ cash/ “missions being pointless being too easy” (mild exaggeration)) or a higher one (which is mayhaps not possible (gear score/ skill level/ …)) or - whats the case for me and my friends - run the SAME one, two missions over and over and over.

The main problem is, that we have NO choice. We need to play them, have a “bad” time or play another game - like, what?