Mission Selection System is Bad

I have no problems with random missions being available, Deep Rock Galactic does it well. The problematic part is that the missions are pinned to certain difficulties. It has happened more than once that I’ve logged in, didn’t like the missions that were available for my desired difficulty, and so I went and played something else.

Deep Rock Galactic lets you choose the mission and difficulty which gives you a much wider range of options, lets you dip your toe into higher difficulties. If I see a mission with Fewer Hordes, I might try bumping the difficulty up.

Vermintide 2 also had a great mission selection option, it was a little clunky with all of the different tabs, but there was no lack of options to choose from.

I find that mission selection is discouraging me from playing the game. I get 2-3 options for my desired difficulty and if I don’t like the choices there’s nothing for me to do.


This is such a big issue honestly, yesterday I saw the weekly challenges reset, all of which need tuning as well but thats another major issue but it ties into this one, and i looked at the mission board and not a single mission had scriptures, I literally closed the game because of it.

Fatshark, the mission board should never cause a player to close the game because its arbitrarily time gating them from doing the things they want to do.


I totally agree with you, and this is probably the number one reason that makes me switch off the game.

I’m very glad more and more people are recognizing this as an issue. I brought it up a long time ago and was told it was fine, but now I think people are really realizing how limiting and backwards it is.

It’s just not fun to have to wait because there’s no maps that you want to play at an appropriate difficulty. I didn’t pay for a game to hold back content on a timer which makes me literally sit there and wait in order to play something I want. It’s insane. My friends and I are so bored because we’ll boot up, and we’ll only play like 2-3 maps and then go do something else because playing those same 2-4 maps over and over again in a session isn’t fun. This system takes already a small pool of available missions smaller, and not being able to pick difficulty sometimes means we would have to play literally 2 maps over and over again in the span of 2-3 hours. Sorry, this isn’t fun.

This system makes a lot of Melk’s weeklies also very frustrating. It just doesn’t work.

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