The current mission table is unsatisfying

So I have one main issue with this game, a lot of the time I boot it up being excited to play - maybe I’ll get my weekly missions done - and the game says no.

There are no missions of the type you want to play, the map you need for your mission , or on a difficulty that will actually challenge you with appropriate modifiers.

And so I end up going “oh ok. I guess I’ll do something else.”

Comparing this to vermintide 2, where I had control of what I could do and when - if I needed tomes or grims - I could do that provided me and my teammates were up to it.

Compare it to Deeprock Galactic which has a similar mission table done significantly better - Deeprock has more options up at any given time, and there are always missions available for every mission type. And you get to choose your difficulty. Its not a roll of the dice.

Its annoying to go from a level 4 mission on high intensity to “level 1” because thats my only option for progressing my weekly

Edit, I went to check my shop and it occured to me that these are the same problem.

Its randomness in a way that isnt fun or satisfying. it feels like a business decision to make players log in multiple times a day in the hopes of the RNG actually allowing them to do/get what they want, in order to drive recurring player numbers or something. it might not be that, but thats how it feels, its not super respectful of my time. I bought the game, I want to play it. I want to play it a bunch. But the games design is actively getting in my way.

Secondary edit - the fact that the conditions are almost always just High or low intensity engagements is … not super satisfying. I’ve played a few lights out missions and they were amazing, I’ve not seen more of those in days. WHy are the cool conditions so rare on the mission table?

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