Get rid of random missions

No one wants this, even the ones who do. They will be complaining about it in due time, mission select from vermintide please. I dont want to sit around and wait for a scripture secondary to pop up when In your other game their equivalents “tomes and grimoires” were available in every single level.

Its a stupid useless game mechanic. That makes playing the game that much more difficult, it is anti player and a completely useless timewasting “feature” IF you can even call it that.


I just dunno where they want to go from here.
On the one hand - why not? Why not shake the meta a bit
On the other - it does not really bring anything new. As you’ve rightly mentioned waiting for a grim/tome run is just stupid.
Also - what is quickplay now for? It’s not clear if we get anything in return.
On the contrary you might get a run without books you need for your weekly.


Having to find 25 grim/tomes and having no mission to find them on my current difficulty is sad and feels like a huge oversight.
Let us play whatever we want.
Especially when your “late game” gearing revolves around some maps/pickups.

In addition to that, tomes and grims being spread out randomly, even if the locations are predetermined, just makes the entire ordeal a pain.

I guess they could introduce a screen where you can make a custom game and have the mission terminal, where you have random mission with maybe +20% xp/gold?

I agree with the weeklies. About finding the books: i think once the community got used to it, this won’t be much of a problem.

No clue why they changed the mission select from VT2’s system to this new system. Just let us pick the missions we want to play and the modifiers we want to play. It’s not hard.

Bumping this, I agree. They said they changed it because it’s more diegetic, but if that realism of “inquisitorial grunts couldn’t technically choose their missions” gets in the way of gameplay enjoyment and flexibility, it needs to go.

I imagine this is set up this way because of the dedicated server system. We made enough of a fuss to get them to confirm private lobbies, so hopefully private games will allow you to customize your mission.

Bumping in agreement as well. It destroys player agency and forces meaningless waiting. Same as the RNG shop.

I am sitting here now for 45 minutes, watching timers go down… This is not fun

Wont happen they designed the game to be segments and an ever changing map design its really cool, if anything grims and tomes should be on every level