Pls remove "quickplay"

There seem too many people,
who can’t bear the missions they are thrown in by quickplay.

They complain about an assortment of things, like:

  • other people picking up grimoires, in a missions with grimoires…
  • special conditions, they don’t like…
  • the very type of missions themselves…

and I guess they can come up with more stuff to complain about.

I think the only way to “help” those people is to FORCE them to choose missions,
instead of using quickplay.

That may stop their whining.

I get you, and it is frustrating when there are differences between team members and someone wants to bring the grims and someone does not.

But I think quickplay would be a really important way of filling up lobbies if free choice of missions arrives. If, not when.


Especially if you pick a mission with a low timer. Quickplay is the only way it can fill up after the timer runs out.

At least without a server list.


Very valide point. :+1:

Didn’t think about that.

I was actually just kidding a bit.
Honestly I don’t think FS would ever remove quickplay, nor should they…

It’s just that maybe there should be an IQ-Test before one is allowed to use it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Another very valid point. :+1:

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I mostly play quick play. Personally I try to gel with the group. If people are picking up grims, I’ll help look for and carry, if no one is I won’t slow everyone else down trying to.

I think the bigger problem with quick play is the wide range in difficulty, especially with newer players. With VT2, you can run 10 Champion games in a row and they’re around the same difficulty level. But with DT, playing 10 Heresy maps can swing wildly in difficulty because of the map modifiers. Low-Intensity Engagement Zone is vastly different than Hi-Intensity Gauntlet Power Supply Interruption. If a new player is getting comfy and having fun on unmodified Malice, and then quick plays into Hi-Intensity Gauntlet Power Supply Interruption, they’re gonna have a bad time.

I don’t think they should get rid of quick play, I like being able to quickly get into it and help fill an empty slot… but I think the modifiers need a bit of a rethink, the modifiers shouldn’t have a major impact of difficulty. The difficulty should be more predictable.


I would go the opposite.

Give more incentive for quick play.

Change how grimoires work (probably so only the person picking up the grim gets affected)

You should be select difficulty already. Maybe modifiers should add or remove difficulty levels. Or have player select/deselect modifiers from a list to filter quick play.


I love and hate how the question of quickplay show the weaknesses of DTs systems.

I think scriptures are okay, but grims need to have their own slot, so their only effect is the corruption.

I also think the lots of modifiers should be rethought.
It would be good to have base modifiers: darkness, fog, STG (stronger elites can be inculded in it), hiint, lowint. These should be the base and these could be mixed as it is now.
But dogs, snipers and potentially every special should be an event without being a modifier. Just needs a few voice lines to tell us which one is happening and make it more organic missionwise. This could make the already too easy game a bit harder and could add variety. There are already modifiers (based on a mod that uses every tested mod too) for poxburster and bomber waves also. These can be random and keep the missions fresh and make people to think about team composition.

Aand this brings us to the fact that most of the mods (or legacy VT2 features), for example the ones that show everyones weapons, blessing, perks, talents, should be part of the game.

Last ideas: even the fog and darkness modifiers could be events because of the “tile” system of the maps. And events could be forced to always appear. Like 1-2 venets per mission on 1-3 difficulty, 2-3 on heresy and 4 or more on damnation.

Fever dream over.

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Maybe if they split it between enemy (High and Low Intensity, Shock Troop Gauntlet, Elite Resistance) and environmental modifiers (Ventilation Purge, Lights Out), like in VT2 chaos wastes. So far, they have to essentially make a new modifier that is a combination of modifiers. Environmental modifiers being intermittent would be cool too.

I think one of the things they have problems with is grabbing features from their previous game after they’ve already forked off the build for the new game. It feels like they strictly stick to their initial plan to not add things added later to the previous game (which is good, controlling scope creep is hard)… but then the new systems explode and they have to do redesign after redesign and throw out something that feels badly cobbled together.


The grimoire thing is a case I think of adding a feature from VT2 that doesn’t sit well in darktide.

VT2 you needed at least a grim realistically to get the emp chest and a chance for top tier red loot. But they were always in the same spot so easy to learn, so it’s a quick yes/no in chat, then a moot point thereafter.

DT there’s the chance of higher loot, maybe, but not obviously so when the emperor deigns your efforts worthy of a 420 orange. And as the positions are one of several random spawn locations, I’m betting most people cba to learn where they are and check empty corners.

Combination of factors = those that do want them become a drag on the others if they don’t stumble across.

Aside from that: agree on the quick play feature being too variable. You don’t know what you’re going to get, or whom with, and what they’ve slotted as weapons. A manifest of the separate character system at log in as well as the modifier aspect.

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TL:DR: Grim rewards are awful, and the punishment is higher

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I don’t think I’ve ever been annoyed in this game, that someone else wanted to leave a match (for any reason). No idea why it would bother you.

I’ve left quickplay matches before, sometimes I’m trying to gamble and get put into a mission that just timed out. I’ve also left quickplay matches when someone picks up a grimoire (if I think the group will fail), because I may have time to find another team.

Even if you are mostly joking with this topic, I can’t stress enough that player agency is everything. Things like: the freedom to join and leave missions and find the best group for you. Is that really such a bad thing?

Adjacent topic:

I’d love to have “join match in progress” as a seperate button. The ability to guarantee getting dropped into madness will make for some brilliant entertainment. And on the plus side, people who don’t want to join in progress, can queue instead for a new lobby!

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I think you missunderstood me.

I wasn’t talking about people leaving a match.
I was talking about people complaining outside matches, mostly on the steam forum, about the conditions of missions they find after joining via quickplay.

It not about me.
I never join via quickplay.
Also I never quit.

Even if the team falls, I stay (captured) and/or try to try to power through, last man standing.
Better to lose & get something out of the mission, then to leave…

Edit: Love the idea of “Join a mission in progress”…

Wow I feel like a doofus. I completely empathise with you then!

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