The mission rotation needs to change this is utterly dire

35+ hours of the same stuff, on launch? Come on man.


It’s awful. If you do see a new mission, you just gotta hope it’s at a difficulty that you want to play.

I’m playing now and it’s the exact same 4 missions we could play during the beta. Why? Why can’t I play the missions I want? It’s such an insane way to artificially bloat playtime - it’s actively encouraging me to go play other games.

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I thought there were meant to be 15 maps on launch as well, lol.

Yeah it’s absurd. The game simply doesn’t have enough content to hold anything back.

13 Maps
Conditions include

  • more enemies
  • fewer enemies
  • darkness
  • fog

They need to put darkness and fog in rotation.
It seems Daemonhost can spawn on normal missions.
Haven’t seen Chaos Spawn anywhere but it must be in game right?


Having the “You will play whatever maps we decide” system is a step back over the VT1/2 I can play whatever map I want on whatever difficulty.


Yeah I assumed we would have seen the spawn in the final release seeing as it was in that trailer they released a few weeks ago.

Game is a barebones mess.

This is why I called it out early, and the response I got was either “it’s just beta” or “it’s a good thing you don’t get to choose what to play, it forces variety”. Who is fatshark to tell me how I should have fun? Everyone backed this and now it’s too late. Seems like everyone is willing to get their balls crushed just so they can fanboy for fatshark or 40k.


Yeah, they’ve seemed to have taken a lot of steps backward, from VT2

yup, its sh*t
just let us play any random mission with any random conditions on a specified difficulty for quickplay

Grims and Scriptures being two different mutators is just lazy padding. Get them rolled back into missions as standard. Maybe then without these taking up so much of the mission select we can get some GENUINE variety.