Maps and missions are extremely fun but a little repetitive. Having all mission types playable on all the maps would add a lot of variety. Hope this is in the works.

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80% of the game is still in the works.


half of them are backwards versions, and atmosphere-wise they feel similar, altough they managed to create variety well within the setting.

having a fair amount of variety as a whole, the game needs at least 5-8 new maps, and 8 more classes/subclasses minimum. which is sad, cause it’s never gonna happen, or going to take years (with 1 new class in every quarter planned, which is bs to begin with, bc everone will play that one class that time for weeks).

that is and another several design choices and systems are flawed from the base, and doubt any of them will be recreated from scratch.

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I’m okay with playing maps backwards, honestly it is welcomed. Just want to play different missions on the current maps. All good with having a little variety to the start location.


Really wish there was a way to have more randomized elements in the maps, maybe 2-3 different routes through a single map, some randomized debris and cover placement, that sort of thing. Unpredictability really adds a lot to horde shooters.


I was hoping for the maps to be generated, much like Deep Rock Galactic. Game is fun, but that would have been incredible.

I would’ve looooved if they did something like that, I can’t comprehend how they wound up with this system after VT1/2. It’s not irreparably broken, but they definitely need to do something.

there was this game called Hellgate: London from 2007. i had a blast playing it but it ended up flopping. it had sectional level assets that mostly blended together. they would randomize each level and it really did feel like a new experience every time. thats 2007. fs is pathetic.